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  • Driving Quality Leads with Content

    How to fill your pipeline using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.

  • Getting started with Sponsored Updates

    Learn how Sponsored Updates work with our easy-to-use guide.

  • 15 tips for compelling Company Updates

    Learn how to make the most of your Company Updates to keep your audience engaged.

  • LinkedIn Company Pages playbook

    Drive results with your Company Page using five simple steps.

  • Sponsored Updates gallery

    See examples of great Sponsored Updates that have helped brands build deeper brand relationships with our members.

  • Making your landing pages as mobile as your audience

    Provide the best possible experience for your audience across all devices when you post a Sponsored Update on LinkedIn.

  • Optimize Sponsored Updates for all devices

    Learn how to use Sponsored Updates to reach LinkedIn members no matter what device they’re using.

How-to videos: succeeding with your Sponsored Updates

  • Get started

    Learn how to get started with Sponsored Updates today.

  • Target your updates

    In just a few clicks, you'll be reaching your target audience on LinkedIn.

  • Set campaign options

    Set your bid, budget, campaign duration, and other options to meet your goals.

  • Make changes to your campaign

    Optimize your campaign and allow coworkers to access your account.

  • Review your performance

    Use your campaign dashboard to understand how your Sponsored Updates are performing.

  • Get insights

    Gain insights into how your Company Page and updates are performing and your follower demographics.

  • Sponsored Updates Auction

    Learn the basics of how the LinkedIn Sponsored Updates auction works.

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