Talent Intelligence Report for the Management Consulting Industry 2015

You know that it’s your people that make your business, which is why you’re willing to go the extra distance to find the perfect candidate. But the current landscape is tough and the competition fierce – how can you be sure that your efforts won’t all be in vain?

In the LinkedIn Talent Intelligence Report for Management Consulting Industry in Australia we’ve gathered data from our 7 million+ Australian members including:

  • The number of LinkedIn members with skills relevant to your business.
  • The number of graduates entering the Management Consulting industry.
  • A geographical view of where the supply & demand for talent are within Australia.
  • What professionals in Management Consulting are looking for in a job

These insights will help you judge whether your current hiring strategy is likely to succeed and, if not, to create a stronger one that will.

To get started, download the 2015 report now.

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