Growing businesses who invest in their purpose & culture are more likely to attract talent ahead of their competitors. Over 40% of candidates across Asia Pacific say culture is #1 on the list when considering a new role.

So, how are you creating a culture that uncovers hidden talent? These CEOs and Business Leaders share why they believe talent and culture drive their success. 


Brendan Cook,
CEO, oOh Media!

‘If you take the basic fundamental that people determine the success of business then clearly culture is important. Without the right people, without the right culture then you can’t succeed’

Jack Delosa,
CEO & Founder, The Entourage

'We know who we are, we know what we need to do, we know why we’re doing it. Our employees understand what the frameworks for decision making are, where the business is going and what they are expected to do along the journey.'

Tim Norton,
CEO & Founder, 90 Seconds

'You’ve got to bring everyone on the journey. Feel like we’re one team, on the same mission, even though we’re spread across the world. We are only as good as our people. Our talent, if all aligned, are unstoppable.'