About the Series

The Recruitment Accelerator Programme is an exclusive, invitation only initiative for clients that are focused on building their social recruitment strategy on LinkedIn. The webcast & event series is only one of the many benefits you will receive from the programme.

The Recruitment Accelerator Programme is focused on how to increase your results and productivity on LinkedIn, and build a successful recruitment strategy online.

This exclusive offer will provide you with the most advanced recruitment tools on LinkedIn, and extensive training will help your consultants to become best in class with minimal time investment from your side.

The webcasts and sessions will aim to help you to recruit top talent. Over the next five months we will cover:

1. LinkedIn Talent Solutions- Platform overview and extensive training; Recruiter Next Generation and Targeted job slots

2. How to develop a successful social recruitment strategy on LinkedIn.

3. Best practices from experienced LinkedIn reps; Building a passive pipeline, inmail strategy & driving a strong response rate, searching techniques & using LinkedIn for Business development.

Register today for this session! It is exclusively for you and your Recruitment Accelerator fellow participants. We look forward to speaking with you on the day!

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