109,882 retail professionals
in the Nordics.
How do you find the one?

LinkedIn Industry Report

With more than four million members in Scandinavia – including 109,882 retail professionals – LinkedIn has a unique view of dynamics in the sector. Our report shows the most important insights, and how these can help you to make the right recruiting decisions.

What’s the buzz?

Retail professionals share their motivation, skills and ideas about the industry right here on LinkedIn. It’s valuable information, which can help inform your decisions as a recruiter or HR manager. Our Industry Reports provide a clear picture of all the insights we uncover.

For example, here’s what Swedish retail professionals and their Danish counterparts are talking about on LinkedIn. You can see that big-box retailers are a hot topic in Sweden while in Denmark they’re talking about traditional retail topics, like inventory and loyalty programs.

“Recruitment in retail has changed dramatically. Companies now search actively for the exact person they want, instead of waiting for people to apply”

Mikaela Hedenros Ringart, Enterprise Relationship Manager, LinkedIn

People make all the difference in business. Their unique skills, knowledge, experience and relationships are keys to success.

They hold unlimited potential. LinkedIn Talent Solutions has the network, the tools and the insights to engage the talent you need.

LinkedIn Industry Report

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