The Recruiting Firm's LinkedIn Field Guide

Today, the world’s best recruiters act like marketers. They’re investing in their brands. They’re engaging with candidates and clients online to keep their firms top of mind when it comes time to make a career change or hire someone new. And they’re able to recruit more efficiently and grow their businesses as a result.

In this book, we’ll share tools, tips and tactics for leveraging LinkedIn to win in today’s highly competitive, rapidly evolving marketplace. You’ll learn best practices to build your personal brand and your firm’s brand, engage key talent pools and potential clients, and recruit candidates and new clients.

They did it. So can you!

Staffing and recruitment agencies all over Asia are leveraging the full power of LinkedIn, saving time, improving results and achieving immense business growth.

Read the full stories from ConnectedGroup, Network 20 and Global Consultants Inc and see how you too can save time and drive a higher return on investment!

Recruiting tools to help you beat your competition to the best candidate

Are you missing out on 80% of the market?

Your peers tell us that availability of quality talent is the biggest obstacle they face. Yet 80% of professionals say they’re open to discussing an opportunity – even if they’re not actively looking. The key is finding them.

Unlock full access to 300M+ professionals

Dramatically increase your reach and efficiency with the help of an open network, powerful search filters and a central place to nurture your pipeline of top talent.

  • “LinkedIn allows us to identify high quality talent through efficient engagement, resulting in increased business success.”
    Mathew Gollop's Picture Mathew Gollop Managing Director, ConnectedGroup
  • “LinkedIn is 24/7 and you can have conversations from anywhere, anytime. It’s just so accessible and it’s fast unlike database programs. I think it’s amazing.”
    Stephen Grace's Picture Stephen Grace Director, Ashdown Consulting
  • “Gone are the days of picking up a role, posting an advertisement on Seek and then praying that overnight your inbox will be filled with gems, ready and willing to take the role.”
    Graeme Smith's Picture Graeme Smith Director, Network 20
  • “Our association with LinkedIn has been fantastic. We have leveraged LinkedIn’s potential to grow our business immensely.”
    Sanford Desouza's Picture Sanford Desouza Assistant Vice President, APAC Operations, Global Consultants