2016 Southeast Asia
Recruiting Trends

Relationships will be key to talent acquisition success

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Get the latest resources to enhance your recruiting strategy. Find great examples on how to use social recruiting to transform the way you find and hire top talent. These playbooks, tips and techniques will make you a more successful and effective talent professional.

  • The Modern Recruiter's Guide

    Recruiting is evolving. The recruiters that succeed are those that embrace the art and science of modern recruiting

  • Southeast Asia Recruiting Trends 2016

    Download the report, and use these insights to inform your recruiting strategies for 2016 and beyond

  • Talent Pool Reports

    Understand supply-demand dynamics of in-demand talent pools

  • Recruiter Brand

    6 steps to building your professional brand on LinkedIn

  • How Advanced is Your Recruiting Team?

    Find out if your recruiting team is traditional, developing, foundational, or strategic

  • The Art of Hiring Manager Maintenance

    Build a stress-free relationship with your hiring managers

  • Build a killer social recruiting strategy

    A comprehensive and targeted strategy backed up by solid data is the best way to harness the power of social media and supercharge your company’s recruiting efforts

  • Build a Team of Talent Advisors

    Turn your team from recruiters to talent advisors with this framework from CEB