The growing influence of digital and social media

Learn how you can leverage social media to educate the UK’s HNWI market.

February 26, 2015

There are more high net worth individuals (HNWIs) in the UK than ever, and they are more adventurous and open-minded about what they do with their money. That’s good news for financial advisers and investment firms but only if they can engage this affluent audience through the channel they rely on to inform and influence their choices. As new research shows, for the majority of this country’s wealthiest individuals, that channel is LinkedIn.

There are now well over half a million HNWIs in the UK and the number is rising fast (up 13% between 2012 and 2013); 50% of them use LinkedIn, more than can be found on any other social network, and 71% of those high net worth LinkedIn members visit our platform several times a week.

Why are the UK’s most affluent so active on LinkedIn? It’s in large part because ours is the platform where they seek out content to guide their personal financial choices. More than half (53%) use social to keep up-to-date with financial trends, and 48% research the financial products, policies and institutions they are considering. Amongst younger HNWIs in particular, it’s hard for a personal wealth manager to build up credibility without being active on social; 42% say that they should be.

In High Net Worth Individuals in the UK, our ebook guide to targeting the UK’s most affluent, you’ll find insight to help engage this hugely important audience through their channel of choice:

  • The asset classes that HNWIs are most interested in, including a greater openness to stocks and shares and other riskier investments
  • The different roles that social media plays in guiding their financial choices
  • The importance of mobile in reaching a new generation of HNWIs
  • Understanding HNWIs appetite for news, thought leadership and product information