Ready to find the right MBA

Why 1 in 10 LinkedIn members are ready to find the right MBA.

September 15, 2014

In many cases LinkedIn members are looking to develop further and faster in the job that they’re in and for 1 in 10 of our members that personal development plan may include taking an MBA in the near future. Over half of those considering an MBA see themselves taking one within the next 18 months – and 58% of those considering an MBA will use LinkedIn to find the right business school for them.

Our survey of more than 2,000 members in the UK, France and Netherlands proves how important it can be to fit further education into current career plans. For 61% of those considering an MBA, the ability to study part-time and locally has a big influence on the provider they choose; an MBA isn’t something they necessarily want to leave their job to do.

Personal development and up-skilling are by far the most popular reasons for taking an MBA, named by 79% of those considering one, with 48% seeing it as an opportunity to earn a higher salary and 35% valuing the course as a networking opportunity. These priorities feed into the type of content that they would like to see from potential MBA providers: 55% want to read career advice as a taster of how the provider can further them professionally; 41% want to see what alumni have achieved.

Based on our latest research, here’s the essential three-point plan for business school marketers looking to connect with likely MBA students:

Use LinkedIn as your primary content platform

Over a third of LinkedIn members are considering further education and 1 in 10 are actively planning to take an MBA. LinkedIn is where 58% of these would-be MBA students will research schools and a presence on the platform is essential for building up awareness over the 18-24 month search period.

Share content that builds credibility

As might be expected, teaching reputation and the range of subjects available are the primary factors influencing choice of MBA provider. Communicate these clearly – and share content that supports your reputation. Over half of respondents (51%) would like to see profiles of the lecturers who might be teaching them, whilst 46% want to read reviews of your institution.

Give them a taste of what you can do for their careers

Remember that a primary motivation for taking an MBA is personal career development. Share your alumni’s success stories and use career advice as content to help connect with potential students. Several MBA providers have found success by spotlighting connections in their potential students’ networks that have advanced their careers by taking their course.

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