What’s trending amongst the Business Elite?


April 10, 2015

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There are two unmistakable trends in the latest round of the IPSOS European Business Elite survey. Number 1: more of the region’s most affluent and influential people are using LinkedIn than ever before. Number 2: those elite LinkedIn members are on our platform a lot more frequently than they were even a year ago – and they’re finding more and more occasions to engage.

The survey shows LinkedIn reaching 59% of Europe’s key decision-makers, a figure that keeps us comfortably ahead of other social media channels and once-dominant professional content channels such as the BBC (45%) and CNN (34%). It’s really just the start of the story, though. Look below the topline figures and you find LinkedIn’s momentum amongst this audience building in other significant ways as well.

Almost half (46%) of Europe’s total business elite audience now visit LinkedIn at least once a week, and the one in three of those weekly visitors accessing our platform via a mobile device are likely to do so even more often. Research such as our Mindset Divide: Spotlight on Content study suggests why: professionals are 60% more likely to consume professional content at home than at work. For the Business Elite, as for our other members, time with LinkedIn isn’t restricted to office hours, and it’s often the period outside of the traditional working day when they choose to spend quality time with content.

That content has the opportunity to influence both business buying decisions and personal financial planning. One in three of our Business Elite members is personally responsible for at least €1.5million in business purchases a year. 1 in 5 own more than €740,000 in investable assets, and more than half are already serious investors in their own right, with at least three separate holdings. They don’t mind spending on luxury items either: 35% own a watch worth more than €1,500 and 45% drive a luxury car.