Our Infographic of the Week: B2B Marketing’s 5 Digital Must Dos for 2016

The digital marketing priorities that can help meet your targets for the year

September 7, 2016

As we approach the final quarter of 2016, it’s a good moment for any B2B marketer to pause and take stock: Are you making the most of the digital marketing opportunities out there? Are there elements missing from your strategy? And what can you do over the next four months to help achieve your objectives for the year?

B2B Marketing’s 5 Digital Must Dos provides a handy checklist to help. It’s been put together by MDG Advertising and uses the latest marketing research to pull out five digital marketing priorities that are most likely to drive growth for B2B. If you’re already focusing in these areas, there are nuggets of insight to help guide your efforts. And if you’re not? Well, it’s never too late to make a start.

From the value of predictive analytics to the best approach to marketing automation and programmatic, to improving lead quality, raising the standard of content marketing and nailing search engine optimisation – these are some great reminders of the most reliable levers you can pull when it comes to hitting your key marketing objectives for 2016.

Scroll down for the Infographic – and thanks again to MDG Advertising for sorting through dozens of research reports and pulling out these great insights.

If you’d like more ideas that can make an immediate impact on your B2B marketing performance, spend a little time with our eBook: 6 Big Ideas that should change your B2B marketing.

This infographic was created by MDG Advertising and first published on SocialMediaToday.com