What do the most effective B2B marketers do better than the rest?

Our Infographic of the Week picks out 5 strategic priorities for B2B marketing’s top performers

October 19, 2016

top B2B marketers infographic

How do the most effective B2B marketing strategies do it? What characteristics do they have that others lack? What have they prioritised that the competition overlooked? As B2B marketers work on putting their plans together for 2017, learning from the success of top performers is a great starting point. Our Infographic of the Week is here to help.

Salesforce has used its 2016 State of Marketing report to identify five areas that top performing B2B marketing organisations consistently get right – and where less successful B2B marketers tend to lag behind. From adoption of B2B marketing technologies like marketing automation and social listening tools through to a single view of the customer experience, and a personalised approach to guiding buyers through their journey.

If there’s a common theme to the Infographic, it’s the importance of aligning the entire business around delivering more integrated and seamless customer experiences. Not only are top-performing B2B marketers significantly more likely to benefit from executive buy-in for their marketing strategy, they are also 13 times more likely to collaborate effectively with other business units.

Mixed in with the characteristics of top-performers, you’ll find some useful insights on the priorities of B2B marketers as a whole, the B2B marketing metrics they consider most important (customer satisfaction, revenue growth and customer acquisition currently top the list), and the growing importance of social media within B2B marketing budgets. It all adds up to a great blueprint for more effective B2B marketing in the year ahead.

Scroll down for the Infographic – and thanks again to Salesforce for putting it together. If you’d like more tools to help put together your B2B marketing strategy for 2017 make sure to download our Content Marketing Toolkit – with all of the templates that we find most useful for content planning.