B2B Dinner for Five: time for dessert

It’s the dessert course – and a chance to sit back and digest some of the biggest subjects in B2B marketing

April 13, 2017


We’ve reached the dessert course in our first ever B2B Dinner for Five – time to sit back and digest some of the biggest subjects in B2B marketing today: how do B2B client-agency relationships need to change to meet the challenges ahead? What’s coming along to disrupt content marketing? And what does it really take to get an influential B2B marketer’s attention?

The big idea behind B2B Dinner for Five is that conversation over dinner is different: you’re relaxed, you let your guard down, and you share the stories and ideas that never make it into traditional interviews, webinars or other forms of B2B thought leadership. Our dinner guests (Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners, John Watton of Adobe, Jessica Giglio and Rebecca Allen of Contently) certainly didn’t let us down. And the dessert course was our chance to explore some of the most important issues for the future of B2B content marketing.

Scroll down for our menu of clips – and enjoy dessert!

The future of B2B client-agency relationships:

What makes for an effective client-agency partnership in B2B marketing? How can we overcome the fact that marketers tend to have far more experience of agency life that agencies do of working in marketing? Where does the responsibility for a creative marketing vision start and end? These are just some of the issues our dinner guests dive into.

How can people get your attention?

It was fascinating to hear our dinner guests talk about their experience of being approached, pitched and marketed to – because it shows how easy it is for B2B marketers and sales teams to forget the basics when using new platforms and tactics. It’s a timely reminder that social selling isn’t just selling on social media – and that even a few minutes spent on researching your prospects can deliver massive benefits in engagement and attention.

What’s going to disrupt content marketing?

I was asked this question at the end of a keynote I gave recently. I found myself struggling for the answer on that occasion – so thought I’d put our B2B Dinner for Five guests on the spot with the same subject. Here’s their take: the dangers of content blindness, the likely return to power of editors and publishers, the matching of content to formats, and the dangers of dallying with clickbait. 

How do you use LinkedIn?

What does a B2B marketing thought leader use LinkedIn for? Here’s how our guests are making use of the platform.

Hungry for more B2B Dinner for Five? That’s the last course of content from our evening – but don’t call your taxi quite yet. We’ll be posting some bonus outtakes and bloopers next week that are well worth making time for