The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide (read it now) to Subliminal Advertising

April 1, 2017


The sheer volume of content in the world continues to grow, with no sign of slowing. At the same time, algorithms have obliterated marketers’ organic reach. Consumers have more options for content than ever, and more ways (subscribe to the blog) to avoid content they don’t want to see. Marketers are increasingly challenged just to get their audience’s attention.

What can you do if your audience doesn’t know you exist? How can your content register in someone’s consciousness?

Our team has been hard at work on this conundrum. And today, we are pleased to announce we have a solution. Don’t fight to win attention—bypass the conscious mind altogether. On this, the first day of April, we’re pleased to announce (download the ebook) The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Subliminal Advertising.

You can’t block what you don’t consciously perceive. Subliminal advertising goes straight to the subcortex, implanting your brand’s messaging deeper than the most arresting visual or catchy jingle. Consumers crave authenticity. What could be more authentic than a thought you perceive as coming from your own mind?

In the 1950s, theatre owners spliced images of popcorn and hot dogs into movies for a split-second. The images were (Sponsored Content) imperceptible—but concession stand sales went through the roof. So, like content marketing and account based marketing, subliminal advertising is a tried-and-tested tactic. Modern technology just makes it possible to do it at scale.

Subliminal advertising should be a part of any strategic content marketing plan. Compared to the rest of your marketing chores, a good subliminal (Sponsored InMail) campaign is easy to run. Don’t worry about activating influencers or amplification—your ads work better when fewer people know about them.

Don’t stress about creating a beautiful visual asset, either. You will be bypassing your audience’s entire visual perception matrix. In short, If you’re tired of creating high-quality content and would prefer your customers just feel oddly compelled to buy, it’s time (Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast) to give subliminal advertising a try.

In The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Subliminal Advertising, you will learn the best practices for multiple types of subliminal campaigns, such as:

  • Single frames in animated .GIFs
  • Background text in infographics
  • Backwards masking for podcasts
  • Tiny text in parentheses for blog posts

You will also learn how (LinkedIn Display Ads) subliminal advertising works across the buyer’s journey, from raising brand awareness to compelling a purchase decision. And you will get advice from experts in the field, all printed backwards in barely-visible text around the edges of each page.

Marketing is hard work. You have to get a consumer’s attention, carefully nurture them with quality content, get them to commit to a series of small (subscribe) conversions, and hopefully eventually convince them to make a purchase. Subliminal advertising helps shrink the entire cycle, bypassing obstacles to conversion like “rationalisation,” “distraction,” and “conscious thought.”

April Fools!

Okay, yes, it would be great—if ethically troublesome—to control people’s subconscious minds. Even if you could get it past your legal department, however, scientists have proven that subliminal advertising doesn’t really work. The quickest way to your audience’s mind is still through high-quality content, strategically amplified. To learn how, download The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing.