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December 31, 2017

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Each workday, we’re given 8 hours. Eight hours to concept ideas, research information, discuss options, test theories, craft work, analyse efforts and…well, those are only some of the elements a marketer may face in the office any day of the week.

Its little surprise reading industry material – really reading, not skimming – can get pushed to the bottom of a priority list. Firm deadlines and unplanned events take precedence over personal enrichment. But the tendency to take care of what burns hottest has its downside. Studies have shown adults are reading less, and less deeply. What does this mean for marketers whose value stems from idea generation, reasoning, and logic?

Studies show reading can improve intelligence and verbal communication. It can lead to innovation, and generate insight. A person who reads cultivates a larger vocabulary and more working knowledge than those who don’t, as well as stronger abstract reasoning skills.

We hear you, time-starved marketers. And we’re responding with this list of greatest blog hits of 2017. If you can’t carve out time to read anything beyond these 10 posts, we’re sure you’ll walk away more knowledgeable and ready for whatever 2018 throws at you.

10.  The Impact of Employee Content Sharing: It’s Big!

Employee advocacy programs are designed to showcase the collective strengths of an organization, and use the amplification power of individual employee networks to do so. This posts demonstrates the reach and engagement power brought to bear by Jason Miller and team as they tracked LinkedIn blog content shared throughout the year by LinkedIn staff.

9.  Remix These Campaigns for Even Bigger Hits on LinkedIn

We’re all looking to accomplish more with less, right? That’s a core tenet of efficiency and budget stewardship. EBooks can be parsed into instalment blog posts, email copy can be cleverly reshaped into social media messages, and so on. What’s better than repurposing? Remixing. The Remix this Campaign eBook explains how to transfer key ideas from any successful campaign over to LinkedIn to drive additional results.

8.  5 Great B2B Marketing Campaigns from the Last 5 Years

The world of B2B marketing is evolving. Today the world’s largest brands recognize buyers seek authentic, informative experiences. In this post, you’ll see how several big brands creatively showcased their relevancy and value to their respective markets.

7.  With a Little Help from My Friends: 60 Amazing Marketers to Celebrate

Looking for something new to read? Or a couple of different industry people to follow? Look no further. In this post, we riffed off the Beatle’s iconic album, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, to itemise a list of 60 marketers and public figures who teach, inspire, and lead audiences every day.

6.  12 Essential Components of Great B2B Marketing Campaigns

Consumer marketers have a few advantages business marketers don’t. The products are often more tangible, less conceptualised. Price points are more relatable because the scale reflects that of personal life experience. Variety is greater, and the risks are lower for trying something new.

But B2B marketers, take heart! There’s a revolution brewing in our industry. We get to borrow the best parts of B2C marketing – creativity, personality, empathy – and blend it with the facts-based, thought-leadership-driven rhythms of B2B. Read about the key ingredients to great B2B marketing campaigns, and get inspired to plan your next project.

5. Your LinkedIn Content Marketing Plan for 2017

 Have you ever stared at a dry erase board full of marketing objectives and been overwhelmed at where to start making inroads? Behind every good strategy is an even better tactical plan.

The LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan was overhauled for 2017. It now includes detailed advice on how to get the most out of Sponsored InMail and LinkedIn Text Ads, for starters. LinkedIn is a proven platform for B2B marketers, and this new step-by-step plan reveals how to wring the most out of every effort.

4. The Ugly Truth about Vanity Metrics: They Matter

B2B marketers have eschewed vanity metrics as a source of insight for years. On the surface, the number of likes or shares of a piece of content an enterprise solutions provider publishes doesn’t tell us a whole lot. But with advanced marketing analytics, we can see how a piece of content garnering a comment, like, or share can lead to a website visit or content asset download. With the right data, vanity metrics aren’t just smoke and mirrors.

3. Revealed at Last: The Secret Code for Successful Content

Efficient marketers want to replicate high-performing executions and campaigns. Replication may come easy when creating some marketing assets. It can be much more challenging with content. Was it the headline that worked? The data visualization methods? The length? LinkedIn and BuzzSumo wanted to know. The two companies collaborated to determine the attributes of the most shared content in the world. A whopping 400,000 of the most shared posts representing 10 sectors were examined to determine the secret code for successful content.

2. Are You Ready for the Rise of the Hybrid Marketer?

We all think about the state and trajectory of our career now and again. In between meetings and reports and campaigns, we find reason to think more Meta. Where is your career path headed? Are you equipped to get there?

Where there used to be separate specialists and generalists, the complexion of marketing has required change and adaptation. The interconnected relationships between marketing channels requires an email marketer to also have strengths in social and landing page optimization. No more islands of knowledge. To stay valuable, marketers need to continually develop skills as well as strengthen their core experiences. Set your sights on evolving into a hybrid marketer.

1. 17 Steps to a Better LinkedIn Profile in 2017

You have a LinkedIn profile. It even accurately chronicles your career and includes a photo someone actually might be able to recognise as you. You’re not on the job hunt right now. So why fuss with fleshing out a full, rich profile?

Your LinkedIn profile may be the only way other professionals – and yes, that includes hiring managers – may have to come to know you before meeting in real life. A well-tended LinkedIn profile page can give insight into causes that are important to you, your commitment to learning and education, and samples of your work. You know the saying about first impressions, right?

There you have it, our list of the most-loved content published on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog this year. Have you read them all? What are you waiting for? A new year is around the corner. Subscribe now to make sure you don’t miss any of the good stuff in 2018.