11 Essential B2B Marketing SlideShare Presentations

January 30, 2018

It’s easy to see why SlideShare is a valued platform for marketing, and a popular destination for research. Most people are visual learners, and these digital decks provide the perfect vehicle for explaining a concept, or telling a story, in a way that hooks the viewer and keeps them following along. SlideShares usually scale back the copy in favor of bright colors, bold images, and native videos.

Of course, the format itself doesn’t guarantee a rewarding experience; ever sat through a relative’s vacation slideshow that never seems to end? The content has to be fun, engaging, and -- above all -- useful.

These 11 essential B2B marketing SlideShares carry each of those attributes, and have plenty to offer for the beginner or seasoned pro. Not only will the information within prove enlightening, but the presentations themselves serve as models for creating high-performing content on the platform.

11 Stellar B2B Marketing SlideShare Presentations

1. Why Marketing Should Care About Entertainment

This clever and creative presentation from WAKSTER Limited checks off everything a great SlideShare should have: compelling visuals, bite-sized insights backed by evidence, and a consistent message delivered through a narrative. That message is that we, as marketers, ought to take cues from the entertainment industry when vying for users’ attention.

2. The CMO Blueprint for Account-Based Marketing

Structures and habits of buying committees are changing today, requiring a pivot from B2B marketers. ABM is a philosophy many are turning to, and Jay Baer breaks down the concept beautifully in these slides, covering everything you need to know.

3. 100 Marketing Growth Hacks Learned From 5 Years as a Startup

The term “growth hacking” has become a little, well, hackneyed. But the underlying idea -- quick and practical methods for moving the needle -- is executed well by Wishpond in these concise suggestions, many of which link out to longer blog posts. Who better to teach us the fundamentals of growing a business than a successful startup?

4. A 6-Step Guide to B2B Content Marketing That Works

One strength of SlideShare is its ability to take viewers chronologically through a process, as this roadmap to effective content marketing from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions does. Along the way, you will find insightful quotes from industry thought leaders, and explanations of content models like the Blogging Food Group and the Big Rock.

5. The Search Landscape in 2017

SEO is a moving target, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on where the trends stand and where they are headed. This data-packed presentation from Rand Fishkin touches on a wealth of features and opportunities marketers should be aware of in the current search environment.

6. Influencer Engagement: 15 Ways to Fail & 25 Ways to Win

Companies around the world are beginning to realise the power of influencers, and micro-influencers, in the realm of B2B marketing. This SlideShare from TopRank Marketing serves up different ways to get it right (and wrong) in the form of digestible and tweetable nuggets, many of which fittingly come directly from prominent influencers.

7. The Secret Psychology of Persuasive Content

How can our content build trust and create a positive emotional state? Web psychologist Nathalie Nahai delves into the cognitive elements of connecting with readers in her keynote from BrightonSEO 2016. When putting together a SlideShare for a live event, the goal should be to make it easily followed and absorbed even without commentary, as Nathalie did here.

8. Optimising Your Content Marketing and Blog for Conversions

The folks at Kissmetrics know a thing or two about data-driven conversion strategies, and you will find plenty presented in these slides, which are all about getting clear and concrete results from your content.

9. 8 Little Things to Make Your Blog Post Better

What’s really awesome about this SlideShare, and others like it, is the user experience. You can click through in rapid-fire fashion and watch it unfold in a cohesive, engaging sequence, almost like flipping through pages of an animation. The tips here from Ian Lurie are quite helpful, too.

10. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Marketing Automation

Can this presentation really follow through on its promise in just 31 slides? Justin Keller does indeed provide a thorough overview of marketing automation and its advantages, keeping it light with a quirky robot theme.

11. The 6 Highest-Performing B2B Blog Post Formats

Sometimes SlideShares are structured as scrollable infographics, rather than clickable slides. That’s the formula Barry Feldman used in his rundown of the six types of blog posts that perform best.

Now that you’ve seen some inspirational examples, are you ready to create your own B2B marketing SlideShare presentation? This is a great way to get creative in sharing your knowledge and unique perspectives.