We’ve spiced up our Secret Sauce – get the full recipe in next week’s webcast

With a fantastic ‘guest chef’ on hand, this is a great opportunity to quiz LinkedIn marketers on the techniques for better marketing on LinkedIn

April 11, 2018

LinkedIn's Secret Sauce

We first launched our Secret Sauce guide to LinkedIn marketing just over a year ago – and B2B marketers in the know have been using it to pep up their campaigns ever since. The Secret Sauce is the ultimate insider’s guide to leveraging maximum value from LinkedIn. It lifts the lid on how LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for marketing, the techniques we use for driving ROI and the insights we’ve unearthed along the way.

But like all great recipes, the Secret Sauce keeps evolving. Over the last year, we’ve updated our approach to keep pace with the opportunities and tools now available. We’re ready to share the new formula – and I’ve got a fantastic ‘guest chef’ on hand to help.

On Wednesday April 18, at 2pm GMT, I’ll be sitting down with Gaurav Nihalani, our LinkedIn Marketing Manager in San Francisco to host a one-off webcast. Gaurav is one of our experts when it comes to using LinkedIn for marketing on LinkedIn. When I heard that he’d be visiting our Dublin office for a few days, I jumped at the chance to get him talking first-hand about applying the Secret Sauce to your business.

We’ve scheduled 60 minutes for the webcast, with plenty of time for you to pitch your own questions on how to drive better results on LinkedIn. And I’ve put together an agenda to make sure we cover all of the key techniques for generating results on our platform:

  • Aligning your paid and organic activity for maximum ROI
  • When to gate content – and when not to
  •  How to generate actionable insights from A/B testing – and the top tips we’ve gained from our own tests
  • Using conversion tracking and demographic insights to optimise campaigns around your specific objectives
  • Making sure you’re demonstrating ROI in the right terms for your business

This is a one-off opportunity to learn about marketing on LinkedIn from the people helping to invent marketing on LinkedIn. Register here to book your place for The Secret Sauce webcast.