Read This Guide to Solve for Marketing ROI & Measure Your Peak Performance

October 1, 2018

Measuring peak performance

What’s on your mind these days? If you’re anything like the majority of your marketing peers, ROI ranks near the top. 

With the end of 2018 approaching, and next year’s annual budgets coming into consideration, it’s as important as ever to demonstrate the value of our programs and build toward bigger things in 2019. 

But as the digital environment grows more complex, along with the B2B buyer’s journey, properly measuring and attributing marketing’s impact on revenue is no simple task. To that end, LinkedIn is here to help with our new playbook, Solving for Marketing ROI: Measuring Peak Performance, which helps you navigate toward a modernized and holistic approach to assessing ROI.

Illuminating the Path to Clearer Marketing ROI Measurement

Measuring the impact of marketing activities can feel like a steep climb without the right knowledge and tools. Too many teams are running in place because they continue to focus on incomplete click-based metrics, rather than shifting their view toward conversions and bottom-line results. 

Let our guide serve as your roadmap to deeper and more meaningful insights. Among the topics you’ll find covered within:

  • Defining Marketing ROI: What are the three main categories of marketing investment, and what’s the traditional formula for calculating ROI?
  • Breaking Down the ROI Equation: How can we add sophistication to that classic formula for greater accuracy, and how should B2B marketers seek to overcome attribution challenges?
  • Climbing the Curve of Marketing Math Success: Where does your organization currently sit on this curve and what are the quickest steps to move upward?
  • How LinkedIn’s Marketing Team Measures Beyond the Click: A practical look at our own methods, and how others can adopt this framework
  • Your FAQs About ROI Answered: Tackling the most common points of uncertainty around ROI measurement

Begin Your Marketing ROI Journey

Every journey begins with a first step. If the desired destination is reaching a point where your team can more confidently report marketing campaign ROI, then digging into this actionable playbook is an excellent first step. 

Let’s travel beyond the click. It won’t be an instant transformation, but together we can conquer obstacles and take ROI measurement to the next level.

Download Solving for Marketing ROI: Measuring Peak Performance and start climbing.