B2B Marketing Tricks for Treats

Score sweet results with our supernaturally savvy tips

October 31, 2019

B2B Marketing Tricks for Treats

It’s that night of the year when imagination runs wild, mysterious spirits appear on the streets – and extorting sweet treats from neighbours suddenly becomes acceptable. Trick or treat is a Halloween bargain we know and love, when thinking outside the box and doing things differently brings sweet, short-term rewards. But why should the benefits of creative thinking be limited to one night?

For this Halloween, we’ve pulled together a bucket-full of our favourite B2B marketing tricks that can produce ROI-flavoured treats at any time of year. From helping your marketing budgets stretch further to lowering your cost per lead (CPL), increasing engagement rates and scaling your content strategy at limited extra cost, these are LinkedIn marketing growth hacks that can magically elevate your results:

Trick 1: Use Content Suggestions to jump into relevant conversations

If you’ve got a LinkedIn Page then you have access to one of the most powerful content planning tools available – and one that you can use to quickly increase the visibility of your brand. The Content Suggestions feature is free to use, and gives you an instant view of the topics and articles that members of your target audience are engaging with on LinkedIn – including those members who aren’t yet followers of your business.

You access the Content Suggestions feature through the top navigation of your LinkedIn Page. Define your target audience by parameters like industry, location and seniority. You’ll then see a list of the topics this audience are engaging with most frequently – and by clicking on the topics, you’ll see the specific articles driving that engagement.

This is a great tool for planning your content calendar, and aligning it with the subjects and content styles that make your audience pay attention. And there’s a more immediate benefit too. From within Content Suggestions, you can share the most engaging posts on LinkedIn with your followers, instantly increasing your brand’s visibility – and giving you a role in your category’s most relevant conversations.

The Treat? Instant brand visibility and smarter content planning.

Trick 2: Remix your biggest marketing hits for extra ROI

A campaign doesn’t have to be created specifically for LinkedIn to drive great results from LinkedIn. Remixing and refreshing the activity you’re already running on another platform can be just as effective. It drives value and ROI from your existing marketing investments – all in return for minimal extra effort.

Emails that are hitting your click-through targets can often generate an even higher response as the core content for Sponsored InMails, which benefit from higher open rates and a prominent position in an uncluttered messaging environment. An impactful tweet of around 140 characters is already the ideal length for a concise piece of Sponsored Content copy. And the same principles that make for a compelling visual on Twitter also apply on LinkedIn, including original imagery, infographics and stats. You can repurpose successful posts from your blog as self-published LinkedIn posts from your internal experts on LinkedIn as well.

The Treat? Put your most successful content in front of even more relevant audiences with minimal extra creative investment.

Trick 3: Cut your cost per lead (CPL) by targeting the people who already know your brand

Targeting your lead generation campaigns at audiences who already know your brand and are engaging with your content is a win-win. It cuts your cost per lead (CPL) by reaching those most likely to respond and doing so using data that nobody else has access to, which reduces the competition when bidding for your audience. It also boosts lead quality by ensuring the MQLs you pass to sales are informed about your proposition and the value you can add. Upload an email list of your existing blog subscribers as the basis for contact targeting on LinkedIn. And retarget visitors to relevant content pages on your site as well.

The Treat? You’re creating bespoke audiences that are highly relevant, more likely to respond – and more cost-effective to reach.

Trick 4: Call out audience names in Sponsored Content headlines for greater engagement

If you’re targeting a specific audience with a lead generation campaign, call out

that audience by name in your headline and Sponsored Content copy. This is a tactic that consistently increases engagement rates. It works for Dynamic Ads too, complementing the inherently personalised nature of the format.

The Treat? A boost to engagement and a big step towards your MQL targets, all through a small adjustment to campaign copy.

Trick 5: Increase your Share of Voice with smart brand bidding

If you’re struggling to put aside budget to invest in your brand, taking a smart approach to bidding for your audience can help to make your available funds go further.

The key thing to remember is that a brand campaign does its work over a longer period of time and amongst a wider audience than more targeted demand generation campaigns. You’re aiming to reach the decision-makers and influencers of tomorrow as well as those of today. This means that you can keep your targeting relatively broad and your bidding low. You’ll still generate relevant traffic if you’re choosing the right targeting parameters – and you’ll achieve a far higher Share of Voice for the budget you have available.

The Treat? Remove the pressure to deliver immediate results and give your brand advertising time to work its magic.

Remember: the best tricks don’t just deliver one-off treats. Turn these ones into year-round habits and you’ll have no need to rely on supernatural intervention for magically elevated marketing results.