Is it time to remix your biggest marketing hits?

Ever wondered how much value could be hiding in your marketing back catalogue? Here’s how to give your top campaigns a new lease of life

August 16, 2019

Is it time to remix your biggest marketing hits?

Every creative-minded marketer knows the value of a really good idea: a great insight, a moment of inspiration, a campaign or a piece of copy that hits the mark and makes things happen. Efficient and effective marketing involves getting the maximum possible value from the best of these ideas. The frustration is that we often don’t. Campaigns that we create for one channel and one moment quickly become yesterday’s news, no matter how good the results were. It can feel lazy or unimaginative to keep using the same material.

But have you ever wondered what you’re missing out on by leaving past successes in the past? Could that brilliant creative from a year ago still be delivering value for you today? Do you really have to come up with a new way of expressing an idea when you’ve already created impactful copy that captures it perfectly? Do we have to keep reinventing our marketing, when we could be getting better results by remixing it?

After all, audiences don’t think twice about musicians, DJs and producers remixing classic tracks to introduce them to a new audience – and generate another hit. It’s a given that artists are allowed to borrow from their own back catalogue, leverage a style and a material that they already know works, update what they’ve done, and keep getting value from it.

Campaign remixes help create stronger brands

Not only is remixing your best material commercially savvy – it’s also the essence of good brand marketing. The likes of Professor Mark Ritson argue that marketers are often too obsessed with coming up with something new and original, when what they should really be focusing on is being distinctive. You don’t achieve distinctiveness by continually saying different things in different ways. You achieve it by consistently delivering a message and a visual brand style that’s recognisably and distinctively yours.

Remixing existing campaigns has a definite role to play here – it helps to build both awareness and familiarity. Just think how much value Guinness got out of “Good things come to those who wait,” or look at the success of Carlsberg’s clever recent remix of its famous “Probably the best lager in the world” campaign. Creatively revisiting ideas helps to make sure that your audience knows it’s your content they’re engaging with.

Great ideas can cross channels

One of the reasons that marketers so often neglect their previous hits is that they assume content has to be created specifically for a channel to drive great results on that channel. As LinkedIn’s marketing team, we know that’s not necessarily the case. We regularly unlock extra value and ROI by taking campaigns that have delivered success through other channels and then remixing them to drive even better results on LinkedIn – all for minimal extra effort. Two years ago we created our eBook Remix this Campaign, to encourage other marketers to do the same.

Ready to remix? Here’s how to get started

Remix this Campaign has become one of our most popular marketing guides – and in the process it’s helped a wide range of marketers generate greater value from their best ideas. If you haven’t yet tried remixing campaigns from other platforms and releasing them on LinkedIn, then now’s a great time to start – and we’ve created a video summary of our Remix ideas (at the top of this blog post), to help inspire you.

Wondering how to get started unlocking new value from your previous hits? Here are six remixing tactics to help:

1. Copy click-tastic emails

Emails that are hitting your click-through targets can often generate an even higher response as the core content for Sponsored InMails, which benefit from higher open rates and a prominent position in an uncluttered messaging environment.

2. Take a lead from top tweets

An impactful tweet of around 140 characters is already the ideal length for a concise piece of Sponsored Content copy. The same principles that make for a compelling visual on Twitter also apply on LinkedIn, including original imagery, infographics and stats.

3. Find new value in your Facebook updates

If relevant content gets traction on Facebook, then it’s well worth amplifying it for a B2B audience on LinkedIn. Keep the hook of your update for Sponsored Content, rework longer copy as a long-from, self-published post – and keep the humour and any striking visuals.

4. Borrow your blog’s biggest hits

They’re already driving fantastic engagement among your blog subscribers – and LinkedIn provides the ideal platform for amplifying top-performing blog posts to a wider yet still relevant audience. Re-purpose them as self-published posts from your internal experts, promote through organic sharing and your LinkedIn Page, and monitor comments to keep the conversation going.

5. Leverage search marketing keywords for super-relevant skills targeting

The insights you’ve generated to guide your paid search campaigns can deliver extra value as the basis for skills targeting on LinkedIn. Start by typing your keywords into the Skills box within our self-serve Campaign Manager platform and the tool will suggest relevant skills to match. Using a keyword-based skill to target a LinkedIn campaign means that you’re reaching people for whom that term has real relevance.

6. Upload your subscriber database to target perfectly primed audiences

The email targeting option within LinkedIn Matched Audiences enables you to user your existing blog subscribers as a bespoke, custom audience for your LinkedIn campaigns. Doing so means your marketing reaches a relevant, opted-in audience that’s primed to respond.

You’ll find detailed tips for each of these remixes in our full Remix this Campaign eBook , which walks you through how to unlock extra value from the best ideas you’ve ever had. Use it to start going through your back catalogue for proven hooks and valuable insights – and start giving your biggest marketing hits a new lease of life.