Guess Who’s Buying – Round 3

Have you got the right tactics for the B2B tech marketing game?

July 8, 2020

Guess Who’s Buying – Round 3

It’s the final episode of Guess Who’s Buying, where the aim of the marketing game is to engage the people moving the tech buying process forward. In the era of the Anonymous Buyer, you might need different tactics to keep winning.

In our previous episodes, we’ve visited a marketing department struggling to make webcasts work – and an IT team with an impatient CMO who wants a new chatbot. Both situations represent valuable opportunities for B2B tech marketers and their sales teams – but only if they can identify who’s buying, and what type of experiences they will respond to.

For our final episode, we’ve got our biggest cast of potential anonymous buyers yet. We’re stepping into the sales department, where a whole team of reps are frustrated with updating the CRM, the CMO is pushing for closer alignment between sales and marketing – and the Head of Sales is caught in the middle. A business with a solution for capturing sales data has a real opportunity – but only if it can get all of the right people on-side.

The traditional playbook for B2B tech marketing focuses on identifying specific IT decision-makers, and then serving them the specs and rational arguments that prove your solution is the one for them. In the era of the Anonymous Buyer though, it’s often the ability to sell a vision at scale that makes a difference. Engaging on an emotional level can provide the momentum to get a buying process started. And having entire teams of people talking about your solution can prove a big advantage when it comes to securing a new customer.

Want to learn the rules of this new B2B tech marketing game? You’ll find them in our new playbook on How to Market to Anonymous Buyers.