Guess Who’s Buying – Round 1

The era of the Anonymous Buyer is changing the rules of B2B tech marketing – here’s how to stay in the game

June 12, 2020

Guess Who’s Buying – Round 1

Need a quick break to keep your mind fresh when working remotely? If you’re a B2B tech marketer then we’ve got a familiar game for you – with some new rules. Scroll down and see if you can Guess Who’s Buying.

Identifying B2B tech buyers used to be straightforward: a simple case of following the job title to find the IT decision-maker. As our short video story shows, the rise of the Anonymous Buyer means things are now very different. 

In this first round of Guess Who’s Buying, we’re following a lead generation marketer who’s unhappy with his webcast provider. This creates an opportunity for tech suppliers – provided they’re reaching the right people among our marketer’s colleagues. But predicting which of these colleagues are acting as anonymous buyers is far from easy.

Today, four out of every five employees at a business are involved at some stage in IT purchase decisions. They include department heads, software developers and engineers. However, they can also include any end-user who wants things to work better and has the energy and motivation to do something about it. These anonymous buyers aren’t defined by job title, role or seniority. And they’re reluctant to share contact details or identify themselves as someone influencing a purchase.

Engaging anonymous buyers effectively requires a new approach to demand and lead generation for B2B tech. When marketers evolve their strategy, the anonymous buyers become advocates at scale, providing vital momentum to a purchase. When they don’t, those same buyers can quickly become unforeseen blockers.

Look out for more rounds of Guess Who’s Buying coming your way shortly. We’ll be telling the story of other types of buyer having very different experiences of potential B2B tech vendors, with very different results.

Want to learn the rules of this new B2B tech marketing game? You’ll find them in our new playbook on How to Market to Anonymous Buyers.