Three for Free, Week 2: more helpful resources for Sales and Marketing

Still adjusting to what’s going on in the world and how to work through it? You’re most definitely not alone. Here’s some of the stuff that we’ve found useful:

April 17, 2020

Three for Free, Week 2: more helpful resources for Sales and Marketing

A week feels like a very long time in the world right now – but in one respect, it’s nowhere near long enough. Whether you work in sales, marketing or any other profession, you’ll have spent most of the last month trying to adjust to a new normal that’s always capable of shifting beneath our feet. It can be difficult to snap back into the motivated, productive groove that we might have had before things turned upside down. Many of us know that we’re still getting there.

In this week’s edition of Three for Free, we’re trying to do our bit to help. As before, we’re passing on the content and resources that we’ve found useful – and which are free for anyone to access. In the current situation, useful can mean many different things: help in developing newly relevant skills, some early ideas for planning a way through what’s happening – or maybe just half an hour of content that can put a smile on your face, and a song in your heart.

We’ve tried to include examples of all three. We hope they help:

#InThisTogether with Ann Handley and Marcus Sheridan

Tune in on Tuesdays and Fridays at:

Ann Handley is the bestselling author of Everybody Writes, the Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs and one of the world’s most sought-after digital marketing and content experts. As of a couple of weeks ago, she’s also the co-presenter of a pop-up video show on LinkedIn that sets out to help sales and marketing professionals cope with the current crisis.

Ann presents with her friend and fellow author Marcus Sheridan in 10-minute episodes every Tuesday and Friday. So far, they’ve taken on everything from the practicalities of creating video content at home (including a spectacular Ann Handley wardrobe makeover), to the mental health benefits of focusing on things you can control, to when and how marketers should talk about what’s happening in their communications. When they live-streamed their latest episode, views jumped up by 59% and comments by an amazing 1,869%. The show is wise, warm and witty and you can tune in by following Ann or searching on the #InThisTogether hashtag.

Free LinkedIn Learning courses to help sales teams adapt

Explore the free courses at:

It’s hard to imagine a more disorientating environment for sales than this one. It’s not just that face-to-face meetings have ceased to be an option. It’s not just that prospecting accounts is harder when potential contacts are away from their desks and working from home. Sellers suddenly find themselves asking whether to reach out to people they would have confidently got in touch with just a month ago. Will they really want to talk about a renewal? Are they in any mood to discuss the needs of the business? Could I damage a relationship by starting a conversation in the wrong way?

A lot of sellers have been turning to LinkedIn Learning to find answers. The time that salespeople spend on the platform increased 144% in just two weeks. LinkedIn Learning has responded by unlocking the sales courses that are most relevant to the current situation so that anybody can access them for free. Click on the link above, and you’ll find 19 free courses that are specially curated for the needs of sellers – but which have real value for many other professionals as well. There are free courses on empathy, selling with authenticity, structuring your approach around the right questions, plus body language for video calls, tips working remotely and advice on managing unexpected change.

Global Citizen’s Together at Home concerts

Listen in at:

It started with Chris Martin of Coldplay reading through audience requests and bashing out tunes on his piano at home. A couple of days later it was the turn of singer-songwriter John Legend. And since then, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Niall Horan, Ziggy Marley and Christine and the Queens have all hosted their own Together at Home concerts. In a time of emotional upheaval and uncertainty, they’re an uplifting way to feel connected to artists, hear great music, and spend half an hour with a smile on your face. Keep watching the Global Citizen YouTube channel for more.

Try this week’s Three for Free. See if they work for you. I’ll be back with more suggestions for things you can try next week.