Three for Free, Week 3: creative-minded resources for sales and marketing

For this week’s Three for Free, we’ve picked out resources that can help you feel creative and collaborative when working apart

April 22, 2020

Three for Free: creative-minded resources for sales and marketing

As marketers and sales professionals, we’re lucky that in many cases, we’re able to do our jobs remotely. However, we’re learning that some aspects of what we do are easier to replicate at home than others. For many of us, it’s the simple experience of being around the rest of the team that we miss most: the creative energy that comes from talking through ideas together in a room, the little moments that we get to chat and compare notes that you hardly notice until you don’t have access to them anymore.

For this edition of Three for Free, we’ve been thinking about the resources that can help to keep us energised and find new ways to work collaboratively. I wanted to share three that take different approaches: one that’s designed to shed inhibitions and help get your mind into a creative place; one that has some fascinating perspectives on building more meaningful connections remotely; and one that’s just plain fun – and comes with a healthy dose of nostalgia if you happened to grow up in Ireland.

Creativity Bootcamp

Fire up your creativity at:

Designing cereal box toys for the era of the Wild West? Putting together a kids’ meal for pirates? Explaining in three sentences why a sword-wielding man on a highway would pick up a dazed chicken and ride away? These aren’t your typical creative briefs – but they’re fun, energising and they’ll quickly get you in the mood for taking on what other tasks the day might throw your way. And they’re all part of The Creativity Bootcamp – an enduringly popular, interactive LinkedIn Learning course that’s available for free.

Hosted by the creative director Stefan Mumaw, the Creativity Bootcamp lasts just over 45 minutes. You can use it to kick off your working week or dive into one of the five exercises each day as a nice way to pep you up. They’ll take around 10 minutes each. And they’re a lovely way to free your mind up if you’re feeling bogged down by living and working in the same space.

How to create meaningful connections while apart

Get expert advice at:

There’s a lot of sound advice online about how to work remotely, how to manage teams remotely and how to stay productive when isolated. This interview with Priya Parker, the bestselling author of The Art of Gathering and host of the New York Times podcast Together Apart, offers a slightly different perspective. She shares ideas about why physical meetings matter in the first place, what it is that we miss about them – and how we can try to fill in the gaps through creative approaches to virtual meetings. It’s a fascinating discussion that will give you fresh ideas for how to approach your next team gathering, your next sales call – or your next check-in with your relatives.

Draw with Don

Start sketching at:

Don Conroy is an Irish artist, children’s author and environmentalist – and for decades he was the genial face of the country’s iconic kids’ TV show, The Den. He’s come out of retirement (and onto YouTube) in response to the crisis – and to give parents something creative and therapeutic to do with their kids. Subscribe to Don’s YouTube channel and you’ll find yourself learning how to draw Tigers, Barn Owls, Rabbits and more. You’ll also spend the 10 minutes that each mini drawing class lasts with an almost-guaranteed smile on your face. It’s a great resource for families – and anyone else who likes to have a doodle in their lunch break.

That’s this week’s Three for Free. We hope they help. I’ll be back with more suggestions for things you can try next week.