Three for Free, Week 4: Keeping mind and body energised

For this week’s Three for Free, we’ve picked out resources to help vary your daily routine in positive ways

April 30, 2020

Three for Free, Week 4: Keeping mind and body energised

Working in isolation can drain energy in ways that we’re not used to. It’s easy to lose the distinction between professional time and personal time, to feel worn down by always being in the same space, to lose the natural rhythms that help keep your body and mind refreshed. As we settle into finding ways to help our businesses through this time, we’re also looking for sustainable routines that will help us to keep feeling engaged, inspired and forward-thinking; the types of professionals we want and need to be.

There are no easy solutions to these challenges – but trying new ways to engage our minds (and engage with others) can help. For this week’s Three for Free, I wanted to pick out three different types of resources that can help to break things up in a positive way. One’s a 10-minute dose of content to remind you how great marketing can be. One’s a resource that can help give you different ways to communicate with colleagues remotely. And one’s a very artistic (and very energetic) way to get yourself going in the morning.

Mark Ritson on 50 years of Effie case studies

Explore classic marketing campaigns at:

It can be easy to feel powerless as a marketer at the moment. But it’s worth reminding ourselves that our profession has a pretty impressive track record of making a difference – even when circumstances seem difficult. Mark Ritson’s video series celebrating 50 years of the marketing industry’s prestigious Effie awards does exactly that. Its 10-minute episodes celebrate nine great marketing campaigns that turned around businesses, inspired audiences and changed people’s lives. It’s one of my favourite pieces of content to come across in the LinkedIn feed at the moment – a great way to spend a few moments over your lunch break reminding yourself why we do what we do.

Microsoft Teams

Get your team collaborating at:

Microsoft Teams is now available for free to all businesses – and as someone who’s been using it for years, I really would recommend seeing what it can do for you. With Teams, you get video calling and screen sharing for an unlimited number of users. However, you also get a range of other ways to collaborate, which can help to ensure you’re not feeling overloaded by always talking to one another on-screen. At LinkedIn, we use the message chat features of Teams a lot. It’s an easy way to share large. It could be that you’ve already got remote working down as an organisation. However, if you’re still finding pain points, it’s worth checking whether the free version of Teams can help.

Morning dance classes with Oti Mabuse

Step out at:

Half an hour of skipping around your living room perfecting moves from The Greatest Showman or Frozen? It may not be the exercise routine you’re used to – but it can be an irresistible way to get you and the family energised for the day ahead. Oti Mabuse is one of the professional dancers on the UK’s dance competition show Strictly Come Dancing. Together with her fellow dancer and husband Marius Lepure, she runs through a different routine at 11.30am BST each morning – and they’re all available on her YouTube channel for those who fancy an earlier session of Cha Cha Cha with their coffee. Energetic escapism for your body and mind!

That’s this week’s Three for Free. I’ll be back with more suggestions for things you can try next week.