Three for Free, Week 5: empowering sales and marketing for the months ahead

We’ve picked out three very different learning resources to help you map out a personal path forward

May 7, 2020

Three for Free, Week 5: empowering sales and marketing for the months ahead

In the opening line of his famous poem, The Waste Land, T.S. Eliot captures the strangeness and difficulty of transitions. “April is the cruellest month,” he wrote, “breeding lilacs out of the dead ground.” Many of us working in sales and marketing will be able to identify with those lines at the moment.

We’ve reached a stage in this disorientating situation when our businesses depend on us to start moving things forward – to find a way for life and activity to return. The atmosphere seems to be changing, with talk of restrictions lifting in some countries and greater freedom of mobility in others. However, with most of us likely to be working from home for some time to come – and colleagues, contacts and customers in the same situation – the ground still feels pretty frozen. We’re at the point where we need to settle into sustainable routines that will see us through the next few months while feeling productive and positive. But that doesn’t mean the world has snapped back to normal.

Learning can help with the transition – and for this edition of Three for Free, I’ve been seeking out free resources that can build the skills, confidence and capabilities that we all need going forward. These three resources approach learning from different angles. There’s a full course on building one of the most important soft skills as we learn to work differently. There’s a library of new ideas that can inspire you with the different ways that our minds can work. And there’s a weekly dose of creative inspiration that will help you think and feel outside the box – even when you’re still spending a lot of time within the same four walls.

I hope you find them useful!

LinkedIn Learning Course Club: Finding your productive mindset

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Every quarter, the LinkedIn Learning Course Club unlocks a selection of LinkedIn Learning’s most popular courses so that they’re available for viewing for free. This quarter, the Club is focusing on the most valuable skills for professionals moving forward – and it starts with a capability that can make a big difference to how confident and fulfilled you feel when working remotely: productivity. This course is a great tool for taking greater control over the experience of work – even when that experience is very different to the routines we’re used to.

As the course host, author and leadership coach, Dave Crenshaw explains, productivity isn’t just about tools and techniques. It’s also about mindset – the way you look at time, and the way you value your own time. In three-minute episodes, he talks through practical tips for focusing, prioritising and fixing problems while mixing in guidance on the value of doing nothing, overcoming negative experiences, and finding meaning in your work. These are bite-sized pieces of coaching that will help you get more from your time without using up too much of it.

Working-from-home inspiration from TED

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From keeping your team creative to communicating empathy with your voice, having original ideas and defeating the perils of procrastination. This playlist of new and classic TED Talks unearths fascinating truths about how human minds and human communication work that are particularly relevant to creating and collaborating in new, distributed ways. You’ll come away with useful insights for working within or managing teams while isolated. And just as importantly, you’ll feel more positive about the possibilities. Entertaining, insightful and impassioned, these are typical bursts of TED thinking that can make a big difference to your motivation and confidence levels in just five, ten or fifteen minutes.

The Whitney from Home

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Visiting the Whitney Museum of American Art would normally require a trip to downtown Manhattan in New York City. However, the museum has responded to a socially distanced world by making its entire collection available for viewing online, with video commentary, artist interviews, in-depth features on artists’ inspiration and archived exhibitions. When you sign up to the Whitney from Home newsletter, you’ll get a weekly dose of this inspiration arriving in your inbox – and there’s more to explore when you follow the #WhitneyFromHome hashtag on social media, or spend some time with the museum’s YouTube channel. Spending some time with contemporary and modern artists is a great dash of escapism from the daily routine – and one that can help you and the rest of the family set your creativity flowing.

That’s this week’s Three for Free. I’ll be back with more suggestions for things you can try next week.