Three for Free Week 6: Planning for the next phase

Free resources for marketers and sales professionals thinking about what happens next

May 14, 2020

Three for Free Week 6: Planning for the next phase

The world is increasingly talking about how to get back to work. However, many sales and marketing teams have different questions on their minds. After months adjusting to working from home, it’s not a case of professional life suddenly re-starting. Many teams won’t be heading back into the office just yet – instead we’re exploring ways to do more from where we are, finding ways to build our businesses that don’t depend on snapping back into old routines.

For this week’s edition of Three for Free, we’ve been exploring free resources to help: from the latest sources of quality thinking on marketing during the crisis to courses for those looking to lead remotely over the long-term. And we’ve got some escapism for wildlife enthusiasts the next time you have a few minutes spare during your next break.

The Lowdown

From the practicalities of agencies coming up with creative ideas remotely, to adjusting your business model, to the value of humour – The Lowdown tackles every aspect of adapting to a new marketing world with originality and credibility. It’s the result of a heavyweight collaboration between content brands like Econsultancy, Creative Review, Marketing Week and Festival of Marketing – and the result is a really impressive line-up of speakers and panelists. With two to three live-streams each week, and previous sessions available on-demand, you’ll hear from the likes of Mark Ritson, Marketoonist Tom Fishburne, plus leading marketers from Salesforce, Birds Eye, Ella’s Kitchen and more.

LinkedIn Learning Course Club: Leading at a Distance

Sales and marketing teams have spent the last two months adjusting to remote working at incredible speed. However, if working from home is to become a sustainable long-term arrangement, then team leaders will need to start looking beyond the initial pivot. We’re moving from the phase of figuring out how to work remotely to figuring out how to be at our best as individuals and teams.

This newly unlocked course from the LinkedIn Learning Course Club is a great starting point for anyone wanting to think more intentionally about how they guide, motivate and support their people. Hosted by the author and consultant Kevin Eikenberry, it treats working from home as a long-term strategy, not just a short-term fix. From setting targets and goals through to coaching, building trust and understanding remote office politics, it’s packed with practical tips and insights from businesses that have long experience of the challenges and opportunities.

Virtual Game Drives live from South Africa

If your mind needs help escaping from a life locked down, try joining the twice-daily virtual game drives streamed live from reserves in Kenya and South Africa. You can travel along with webcam-equipped guides piloting off-road vehicles, drones and balloons to give you an intimate view of wildlife that feels deeply therapeutic. And there’s the excitement too, of never knowing exactly what you’ll run into. A few minutes close-up with a lion pride, an elephant herd, or a baby leopard, are a great way to recharge

That’s this week’s Three for Free. I’ll be back with more suggestions for things you can try next week.