Three for Free: helpful resources for Sales and Marketing

We’re sharing the resources we’ve found helpful in the crisis so far

April 7, 2020

Three for Free: helpful resources for Sales and Marketing

As sales and marketing professionals we know that we’re all in this together, but we’re having to find ways to be in it together while being apart. It’s a challenge – and not just a logistical one.

We’re figuring out new working routines, new ways to hold meetings and new ways to collaborate on projects. We’re also figuring out how to stay positive and motivated while dealing with hourly news updates, distractions at home, and feelings of worry and isolation.

Many find that sharing helps. Passing on something that you find useful doesn’t just help others on a practical level. It’s also a shared experience that reminds us of our connection to colleagues, customers and the sales and marketing community. It’s been amazing and inspiring to see the resources that have emerged to help people stay connected and productive.

The Three for Free will be a weekly blog series, where I’ll share three resources that we’ve found helpful and that you can access for free. Some are specific resources for marketing and sales, some are helpful ideas for managing teams and finding new ways to work. And some are there just to help you feel better in difficult times.

We hope you find them as valuable as we’re doing:

Weekly webinars from the Business Marketing Club

Register for them at:

The Business Marketing Club is a not-for-profit support network specifically for B2B marketers. Its mission it to unite people from across different sectors so that they can share their experiences, compare best practice and talk about the particular challenges of B2B. That’s really valuable at a time when there’s a lot of advice out there about how marketers in general can respond to the crisis – but a lot less about the particular issues that B2B businesses face.

Every Wednesday in April at 4.30pm BST, the Business Marketing Club is holding a weekly webinar on How the Coronavirus Crisis affects B2B Marketing, keeping marketers up to speed on the constantly evolving situation. Each episode features four experts from different B2B sectors and a mix of agency and client perspectives. It’s all virtual, of course, with speakers joining from home via live video and sharing honest stories that touch on strategy, tactics – and little practical details you might have thought nobody else was noticing. At a time when a sense of community can really help, this is a great place for B2B marketers to find one. If you miss any episodes, you’ll be able to catch up at, where you’ll also find lots of other B2B-focused content.


The Masters of Scale Podcast Special Coverage

Listen in at:

Masters of Scale is a weekly podcast for managers and entrepreneurs hosted by LinkedIn’s co-founder, Reid Hoffman. It’s a show that’s well worth listening to at any time: lots of high-profile business guests and incisive interviewers like Reid himself and the former Fast Company Editor in Chief, Bob Safian.

Since the crisis started gathering, the production team has been racing out special bonus episodes with highlights from interviews that relate to the challenges businesses face now. Some tackle tough issues for businesses facing layoffs and trying to support employees in difficult times. But others manage to find the positive side. The interview with Wordpress CEO Matt Mullenwegg is my favourite. He’s a leader who build his business around a model of people working from home and he’s got a great perspective on how to embrace the creative advantages that can come from this. It’s a helpful and positive way of looking at the new normal.


P.E. with Joe

Stay active at:

I swear it’s scientifically impossible to make it through a workout with Joe Wicks without a smile appearing on your face at some point. Famous in the UK and elsewhere as The Body Coach, he’s warm, inspiring, funny – and he’s come up with a daily, 30-minute P.E. class that’s making a big difference for kids and parents around the world. Tune in at 9am every weekday morning on YouTube. If you’re juggling cooped-up kids at home, get them to join in too. It’s a lovely way to stay fit and energised. And with your marketing hat slightly on, there’s a lot to admire in the creative ways Joe keeps these sessions fresh, interactive and fun.

Try this week’s Three for Free. See if they work for you. I’ll be back with more suggestions for things you can try next week.