Watch Me: the video trilogy that helps you hit your objectives on LinkedIn

Click play, sit back and watch – and set yourself up for success on our platform

November 9, 2020

Watch Me: the video trilogy that helps you hit your objectives on LinkedIn

Effective marketing starts with objectives. If you’re clear about what you’re trying to achieve then you can align everything from around delivering those goals. Your objectives inform your choice of ad formats, your targeting approach – and how you’ll measure and optimise your campaign.

Being clear about objectives should make the advice you can access more relevant too. That’s the principle behind our new Watch Me video series that gives you all of the practical, hands-on information that you need to run effective LinkedIn campaigns at different stages of the funnel. If you know what you want to achieve with your campaign, then sit back and spend 10 minutes or so with the relevant Watch Me playlist. You’ll be well equipped to go out and make it happen.

We’ve created three separate Watch Me playlists to fit the main objectives that marketers have when using LinkedIn:

·      Watch me if you want to advertise better on LinkedIn explains the principles and foundations of effective marketing on our platform. These include how to get the best results from LinkedIn’s objective-based advertising interface, the recommended balance of brand and demand marketing, and how to amplify your paid marketing through an organic content strategy.

·      Watch me if you want to drive more leads on LinkedIn helps you apply these principles to lower funnel marketing objectives, including the best combinations of ad formats for driving on and off-website conversions, and how to use video for lead generation. You’ll also discover how to use our objective-based advertising effectiveness to forecast results – and how to choose from a wealth of targeting options for generating high quality leads at scale.

·      Watch me if you want to build your brand on LinkedIn shows how to leverage LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities to build brand salience and fame. You’ll learn how to maximise engagement with video content, including choosing the right video lengths for your objectives – and how to expand your audience to generate meaningful awareness and engagement.

If you have a marketing strategy then the Watch Me guides will help you activate that marketing strategy on LinkedIn. Click play – and start setting yourself up for success on our platform.