Planning the way forward in five steps

Our new guide brings together the most relevant insights and resources for marketers navigating what comes next

June 22, 2020

Planning the way forward in five steps

As marketers, finding the best and most sustainable way forward for our business is what we do – and it’s a role that’s never felt more important than it does today. At a time when society as a whole is being forced to invent new rules of engagement and new ways of being, our organisations depend on us to do the same. This involves thinking actively about how our markets are changing, which of our customers’ needs have evolved, the role of our business in the landscape that’s emerging – and how we can communicate it effectively and appropriately.

Over the last few months, we’ve been gathering insight, ideas and resources that can help to inform and execute these forward plans. We’ve gathered these into a new guide that explains the five steps marketers can take to help their business navigate what comes next:

  • Clarifying your brand purpose, the role you can play for your stakeholders, and the principles by which you’ll operate and communicate
  • Prioritising and planning based on real-time market and customer insights
  • Preparing your marketing team with the skills they’ll need, and aligning with Sales and Finance on expectations
  • Defining your communication strategy: what your brand should be saying and when and how it should say it
  • Activating against your marketing goals through paid and organic activity

The 5 Steps to Moving Forward Guide is an Index to help you navigate authoritative, actionable and practical content from LinkedIn and other experts. Through it, you’ll find insights from Edelman, McKinsey and System1, The B2B Institute’s Peter Field and Fran Cassidy. You’ll also discover how to access valuable real-time data on customer sentiment and the changing shape of the market – and how you can achieve your objectives through LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

Planning a way forward can feel like a daunting prospect. It helps to take things one step at a time.

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