Introducing Our Guide to Mastering B2B Video in 2018

March 15, 2018

Our Guide to Mastering with B2B Video in 2018

Last year, the average adult in the UK spent nearly an hour per day watching digital video, per an eMarketer report. “By 2019,” the research suggested, “10.1% of daily media time, and almost 20.0% of daily time spent with digital activities, will be devoted to watching digital video.”

Those are the kinds of striking numbers that can make you pause and rewind for a double-take.

We’re not prepared to say written content is headed the way of the VHS tape, but it is beyond clear that video is an increasingly pivotal medium for reaching people online. And B2B marketers must heed the trends, because those people absolutely include corporate decision-makers.

According to Cisco, 76% of executives watch business videos at least once per week, including 40% daily. Nearly two out of three senior execs say they’ll opt for video over text if both are available on the same topic.

In other words, any go-forward B2B marketing strategy that doesn’t include a focus on video content is set to lose traction and stray off course. Luckily, our new roadmap will ensure your organisation is on track and ready for what lies ahead.

How to Stand Out with B2B Video in 2018 is LinkedIn’s comprehensive guide to breaking through the digital static with effective B2B video marketing. Loaded with stats, examples, and data-backed best practices, this eBook provides everything you need to create and promote effective video content, even if this frontier is unfamiliar territory.

  • Among the topics you will find covered within:
  • Qualities commonly present in top-performing B2B video campaigns
  • Metrics you should track to accurately gauge the business impact of your videos
  • Tools and equipment needed to produce professional-quality video content
  • Types of B2B video to fit any objective and budget
  • Examples of successful B2B video marketing in action
  • Ideas and suggestions to kickstart your brainstorming
  • Tips for promoting your B2B video on LinkedIn

Sponsored Video will soon be rolled out for brands on LinkedIn, and figures to be a game-changer for marketing on the platform. Make sure you’re prepared to take full advantage by downloading How to Stand Out with B2B Video in 2018.