Your 60-second video guide to measuring video content

The metrics to track – and the detail of what they mean – in the latest of our series of short video guides

September 6, 2018

Your 60-second video guide to measuring video content

When you distribute native video on any social media platform, you generate a lot of different metrics – and there can be some confusion about what those metrics really mean. What’s the difference between impressions and views? What does the completion rate really measure? Which metrics can show deeper engagement with your video content?

We’ve created our quick guide to measuring video content on LinkedIn to answer these questions and more – and to do so in less than a minute of your time. We believe that marketers deserve a lot more transparency about video metrics in general. On LinkedIn you get a clear view of who’s engaging with your video content – and how relevant they are to your objectives. And with this quick guide to metrics, you’ll also get real transparency on the quality of that engagement:

  • The difference between Impressions and Views
  • How the View-Through Rate is calculated
  • What qualifies as a Completion – and what your Completion Rate shows
  • How you can use Full-Screen Views to measure deeper engagement
  • When the Skip Rate is relevant

All of the metrics that you need for a transparent view of engagement with your video content are readily accessible through LinkedIn Campaign Manager. You’ll also be able to access professional demographics for a full view of the type of audience you’re engaging – and use LinkedIn conversion tracking to show what that engagement leads to.

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