Welcome to the era of B2B video

It’s going to be emotional… and informative, helpful and directly linked to leads

April 16, 2018

B2B Video

Marketing industry awards tend to focus on one type of video advertising – the TV ads created by B2C brands with deep pockets and a drive to be famous. B2B marketers though, are forging their own path. Their use of video is more innovative, and in many ways more creative than the Super Bowl ads and other high-profile spots getting all the media attention. Research from LinkedIn shows how a new era of B2B video is quickly taking shape, with marketers using video content to engage business decision-makers and drive measurable results that are directly linked to the bottom line. We’re already seeing the impact of this pivot to video in how marketers are using video for sponsored content in the LinkedIn feed.

We surveyed over 200 digital B2B marketers in the UK and Ireland about their plans for video advertising in the year ahead, the objectives they will address through it, and the video tactics and techniques they’ve found most effective so far. The results were striking: 62% of B2B marketers rate video as the most important format they will use for content this year, far more than chose email (48%), other forms of social media creative (36%), infographics (29%) or case studies (23%). Just over a quarter (26%) of B2B marketers predict they will spend more than £300,000 on video advertising in 2018.

How marketers are leveraging video throughout the buyer journey

Building brand awareness is the most common driver for investing in B2B video content, with 62% choosing it as a reason for creating video and 93% agreeing that video gives brands more opportunity for storytelling and demonstrating creativity. However, the B2B video revolution isn’t limited to awareness campaigns. The ability to explain a product or service in detail is valued by 86% of B2B marketers. In fact, product demonstrations are the most popular form of video content across most sectors. When it comes to lead generation, 78% agree that video engagement helps them identify higher quality leads and 57% say that it drives a higher volume of leads overall.

The era of B2B video isn’t just about increasing the amount of video content that brands develop. It’s focused on marketers demanding more accuracy in how that content is delivered to audiences, and more transparency about engagement. When asked about the biggest challenges for video, 44% of B2B marketers chose reaching the right audience in the right context, making it the most significant concern. Over a third (38%) referred to lack of transparency and measurement for video. B2B marketers see collaboration with publishers and platforms as a vital step in overcoming these challenges, with 75% calling on these partners to support more effective targeting.

B2B video advertising is just getting started

B2B video ads promise to deliver richer and more relevant experiences for the right audiences at every stage of their journey with a business. On LinkedIn, we’re already seeing how the ability to deliver relevant video to the right people with confidence is supporting creative uses of the format and driving noticeably higher engagement. And our research shows the new era for B2B video is just getting started. In fact, 87% of B2B marketers say they plan to experiment more with how they use video over the coming year. In 2018, we’re going to see more B2B marketers test the limits with video storytelling and new ways to deliver results for their businesses.