9 days to go, 9 reasons to enter the LinkedIn Marketing Awards

Step up, it's your time to shine

September 11, 2018

We’re celebrating the best of B2B marketing on LinkedIn, which means it’s your time to shine

The LinkedIn Marketing Awards are here to celebrate the best in B2B marketing on LinkedIn: the innovative, the creative and the effective. If your work has made a difference to your business then we want to hear from you – but we need to hear from you soon.

If you’re proud of the B2B marketing campaigns you’ve run on LinkedIn in EMEA, then these awards are your chance to shine – and get the recognition that you deserve. But you’ll only have that chance for another nine days. The deadline for entering the awards is 11.59pm on Thursday September 20.

Here are nine reasons for setting a little bit of time over the next nine days to put your entry together:

1.    We’ll be celebrating your success more loudly than ever

We’re planning our biggest ever promotional campaign to celebrate this year’s LinkedIn Marketing Awards winners and shortlisted campaigns. There’s never been a better opportunity to earn industry-wide recognition for your work. We’ll make you part of the conversation about great B2B marketing on LinkedIn.

2.    You can submit your entry following our step by step guide

You’ll just need to summarise your objectives, strategy, describe your creative approach and tell us about the results you delivered. Answer a few background questions, upload examples of your creative, and you’re done! The maximum word limit for a full awards entry is only 1,100 words – and you can craft a winning entry by writing less than that. After you register on our awards site, you can come back as many times as you like to complete your entry – so you can start putting it together whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

3.    You have the same chance of winning if you work for a small business – or a large one

We’ve got separate categories for smaller businesses of 200 employees or fewer, to give all marketers the same opportunity to land an award. Our previous award winners include several small businesses and innovative startups. The online real estate marketplace Drawbotics demonstrated its digital floorplans through clever mock-ups of the sets for TV shows like Mad Men, while Crisp Thinking created guides to social media risk to demonstrate its expertise.

4.    There are categories for every type of B2B campaign

Our eight Awards categories are designed to recognise all of the different ways that B2B marketers contribute to their businesses. There are awards for the best B2B brand campaign, the best lead generation, the best thought-leadership content, the best use of B2B video and the most innovative.

Our broad range of categories means that there are a rich variety of winning campaigns. Last year’s winners included thought-leadership content programmes like Lenovo’s Think Progress or UM’s deliberately provocative UK by UM influencer posts. They also included focused lead generation campaigns like that of Financial Technology company Finastra, which won for the impact of Sponsored Content in driving event registrations.

5.    You don’t have to spend big budgets to win

You don’t need a big budget to win a LinkedIn Marketing Award – it’s all about how cleverly and effectively you use the budget that you have. One of last year’s most popular winners didn’t use any paid media at all. E.ON won in the Most Innovative category when it promoted its commitment to renewable energy by asking its employees to add the new job title, Sunfarmer, to their LinkedIn profiles. This resulted in a wave of organic reach and awareness through the automatic updates that employees’ LinkedIn networks received.

6.    You can use any creative examples, in any format you like

You’ll need to upload or link to two examples of your creative. These can include any format that you have available: screenshots, PDFs, video, or simple links to posts or your Company Page.

7.    You can demonstrate success using the metrics relevant to you

The LinkedIn Marketing Awards are interested in business impact – and there are many different ways for you to demonstrate that impact. Use the metrics that are most relevant to you and your campaign – and then explain why they mattered to your business. It’s not just about pure numbers.

8.    We’ll tell you exactly what you need to include

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to entering the awards, which tells you exactly what the judges are looking for in the answers to each question. This makes it even more efficient to enter. You can focus concise answers on giving the information most likely to help you win.

9.    You can enter as many awards as you like through one entry form

Once you’ve completed an entry for one award, you can then use that same entry to enter as many other categories as you like. When you submit your entry, we’ll ask you about any extra categories you’d like to enter it for.

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate why your B2B marketing matters – and earn the wider recognition that you deserve for your work. Register on our awards entry site, and then find half an hour in your diary this week or early next to put your entry together. We’ll take care of the rest. Step up – it’s your time to shine!