The shortlist is here! Congratulations to our LinkedIn Marketing Awards finalists

Announcing the shortlist for the 2018 LinkedIn Marketing Awards

October 19, 2018

Announcing the shortlist for the 2018 LinkedIn Marketing Awards

The discussions have gone right down to the wire. The judging panel has been overwhelmed by the quality of the entries, the craft and commitment behind the campaigns, and the impact they’ve had on the future of businesses and the lives of those working for them. Now we’re thrilled to announce the finalists for the 2018 LinkedIn Marketing Awards. It’s a very special shortlist.

Before you quickly scan down to check if your entry made it into the final three for your category, let me quickly tell you why this edition of the LinkedIn Marketing Awards has stood out.

Our categories are designed to recognise all of the different ways in which great B2B marketing drives businesses forward. As you might expect, that means our line-up of finalists has a rich variety of strategies and creative executions. However, across all of these finalists (and across the vast majority of the entries we received) there was a common quality. Every one of these campaigns had been purposefully planned. They showed how B2B marketers excel at linking marketing activity to clear business objectives and eventual revenue – and this applies as much to building awareness and brand equity as it does to generating leads. Whenever these campaigns told stories, entertained audiences, innovated in targeting and use of data, or landed the most relevant points of a proposition, they did so with a clear understanding of why these things mattered.

All of these shortlisted campaigns will now go forward to our external judging panel, where experts from top B2B brands and agencies will debate which ones should land this year’s awards. We’ll be announcing the winners on or around the 5th December and in the weeks between now and then we’ll be revealing more about what made each finalist so impressive through features on this blog. In fact, the quality of entries was so high this year that we’ll kick off by featuring some campaigns that just missed out on the shortlist – but which several of our judges were determined that we should celebrate as well.

For our final LinkedIn Marketing Award, The People’s Choice, the external judging panel is you! As a B2B marketer we’d love you to visit our Awards website, review all of our different shortlisted campaigns and cast your vote for the entry that you think represents the very best in B2B marketing. You only get one vote – so choose carefully!

Scroll down for the full shortlist – and congratulations to every one of our finalists. It’s a huge achievement to make it this far:

Best B2B Video

Barclays Corporate Banking

The Low Cost Vans story

This story of how a devoted Swansea City fan drove his business to success showed both the impact of Barclays’ #GameChanging campaign and the economic contribution that football clubs make to the local area. It also demonstrated how savvy use of a relatively small media budget can multiply engagement and awareness when teamed with precise LinkedIn segmentation – and insights about the value that business leaders attach to local understanding.


Business as Unusual

The global leader in renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure management used LinkedIn to drive brand awareness across the investment community and other senior decision-makers. Its video content asked the compelling question, “What if the smartest decision was to invest in the planet?” and delivered the message that, “there is another way of doing things.” Organic sharing dramatically increased the impact of the campaign across all of its key markets, and brand surveys demonstrated significant increases in awareness of ACCIONA’s business model, mission, vision and values.

Mercedes-Benz Vans

100% for you. The new Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz’s launch campaign for its Sprinter flagship van model combined Video for Sponsored Content with Carousel Ads to deliver relevant, engaging content for each stage of the buyer journey. Humorous teaser and long-form videos built initial awareness, with Carousel Ads then highlighting key features of the first fully connected van model. The results? One of the most successful auto launches ever on LinkedIn.

Best Thought Leadership Content

Shell LinkedIn Leaders Programme

The LinkedIn Leaders Programme has established Shell’s senior executives as credible thought-leaders on energy. The reach and influence of Shell’s thought-leadership has been supported through careful targeting of those with an interest in energy issues, interactive Q&A initiatives, social media listening and employee advocacy. The programme represents a step-change for the profile and influence of Shell’s leadership, with posts picked up by global media and careful tracking of engagement revealing an increase in positive sentiment.


Thought-leadership on LinkedIn has established Philips’ Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer Jeroen Tas as a leading voice on the future of healthcare, tackling issues such as applications of Artificial Intelligence and patient empowerment, and playing a key role in supporting Philips’ transformation to a pure-play health technology company. A LinkedIn-focused strategy leveraging Sponsored Content, video, Text Ads and organic sharing has grown Jeroen’s audience more than 30-fold, and established him as a regular keynote speaker and columnist in mainstream newspapers.

National Bank of Greece

Posts from senior leaders on LinkedIn have played a measurable role in helping to shift perceptions of the bank, enabling it to build engagement around digital transformation while maintaining all-important levels of trust. The thought-leadership programme had a clear strategy built around the needs and concerns of different B2B audiences, with Sponsored Content, video and Dynamic Ads helping to drive engagement and Company Page followers.

Best B2B Brand Impact (over 200 employees)


Purina brought its mission of promoting a society more open to pets to LinkedIn with a highly engaging campaign of content that demonstrated the value of bringing dogs to work. This campaigning approach built valuable brand equity for a business of pet lovers that does not invest in TV advertising. It did so by targeting pet-loving employees as well as facilitators working in HR and decision-makers with control over workplace culture and policies. The three campaign phases built engagement via a LinkedIn Showcase Page, reached out via InMail and then launched video content with exceptionally high completion rates. Ongoing engagement on the Purina website demonstrated the deep brand impact delivered through LinkedIn.


ACCIONA is the only brand to appear twice on this shortlist: recognition that its Business as Unusual campaign represented both great use of video and an extremely well-planned campaign that landed a clear and compelling proposition at scale. Its video content was phased to deliver both awareness of ACCIONA’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure, and start influential conversations amongst those considering infrastructure investments. Not only did it achieve the targeted reach and frequency required, but the degree of organic sharing, the brand survey metrics and the significantly increased influence revealed by its Content Marketing Score showed how this campaign created valuable equity for the business.

IDA Ireland

Ireland’s investment agency used brand marketing on LinkedIn to build awareness and consideration at key moments of truth for investment influencers and decision-makers. In planning its Ireland, Right Place, Right Time campaign, IDA Ireland combined in-depth audience analysis with LinkedIn data to reach relevant audiences at scale across sectors and geographies. Using Sponsored Content, video and Dynamic Ads, it was able to tailor activity to different stages of the investment journey and the most relevant aspects of Ireland’s investment proposition for each audience. This resulted in deep engagement at scale among its addressable audience on LinkedIn, transforming Ireland’s profile as an investment destination, and driving big increases in the country’s investment pipeline. 

Best B2B Brand Impact (under 200 employees)


Innovative video interviews with top German CEOs has helped to build a powerful influencer brand around top social seller Martin Grosse.

Earth-i National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies campaign

Earth-i, a provider of very high-resolution satellite data and analytics, used its own unique satellite imagery in a highly impactful campaign to drive relevant awareness among national mapping agency executives. Incorporating LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms enabled this campaign to generate a leads pipeline and demonstrate ROI without compromising its strong engagement levels.


Corvil’s carefully planned and clearly targeted awareness campaign reached all-important financial technology and compliance decision-makers at scale, and with a frequency that enabled the business to dominate the conversation in its category. The Sponsored Content and video campaign was designed to support a range of marketing objectives through increasing Corvil’s brand equity: from building all-important trust and credibility through to generating and nurturing leads. Over the course of 12 months, this brand investment transformed the business pipeline.


Best Lead Generation (over 200 employees)


RateGain’s persona-driven content strategy used a full range of LinkedIn touchpoints to build out a business pipeline that represented a significant return on investment. The cloud-based solutions provider for the Travel and Hospitality industry engaged its target accounts through Display Ads, Dynamic Ads, Sponsored Content, video and Sponsored InMail, capturing relevant leads through LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and integrating with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to nurture those leads through to customer acquisition.

Dropbox Business

Dropbox developed a full-funnel, always-on strategy for lead generation, increasing both the volume and quality of leads while maintaining a competitive cost per lead (CPL). The approach aligned brand awareness and demand generation content, and used sales and marketing alignment workshops to ensure relevant content continued to play a role in the lead nurturing process.

Web Summit

Lead generation on LinkedIn is driving the growth of Web Summit’s four global events for the technology and finance sectors, building distinct brands for each regional event while continually growing attendance amid a highly competitive market. Combining CRM data with LinkedIn segmentation and optimising targeting approaches through A/B testing enables the business to deliver targeted content for each stage of the funnel. This includes inspirational video content to drive awareness. Conversion Tracking powers intelligent campaign optimisation, while integration with Sales Navigator enables Web Summit to nurture leads through to conversion and revenue.

Best Lead Generation (under 200 employees)

Apply Financial

The SaaS payment processing company targeted high-value banking professionals with case study content tailored to the target audience’s specific pain points and a mix of paid and organic distribution that multiplied the impact of a limited budget. Its use of Sponsored Content and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms increased alignment with sales, and far exceeded all MQL and SQL targets.

Radar Software (formerly Smartgate Solutions)

Radar Software developed a detailed targeting strategy based around a clear understanding of its addressable audience, and used insights from sales meetings and consultants in the sector to develop content tailored to its audience’s business needs. Combining Sponsored Content and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with Conversion Tracking enabled the business to optimise around the strongest targeting and content approaches, far exceeding all targets while maintaining extremely strong ROI.


The premium publisher generated registrations for its ticketed Masterclass thought-leadership events using a combination of Video for Sponsored Content, Carousel Ads and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. Showing relevant audiences video captured at previous Masterclass events helped to generate interest and leads, while avoiding pushy sales messages and building brand perceptions as a credible content marketing partner for B2B businesses. The campaign beat all lead generation targets while generating immediate revenue through ticket sales.

Most Innovative

Dassault Systèmes

An innovative 3DEXPERIENCE Platform® demanded an innovative process to generating and nurturing leads. Dassault Systèmes delivered that approach through account-based targeting that combined Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail with Sales Navigator. This path empowered close alignment with their sales teams, generating a sustainable pipeline of leads at the same time as building awareness in highly competitive sectors.

Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute broke new ground in the use of bespoke data for targeting on LinkedIn, using search advertising data to develop a sophisticated lead generation and remarketing campaign that drove its expansion into several important new markets.


The integrated container logistics company created hyper-targeted, data-driven stories to build a stronger relationship with its customers. Maersk leveraged LinkedIn’s capacity for account targeting to deliver personalised creative that addressed the key needs of different customers and drove engagement with innovative new aspects of its offer. The campaign used data in creative ways to demonstrate Maersk’s understanding of each customer’s business, and the number of containers that they had shipped in the past year. This delivered spectacular engagement levels, with the highest ever levels of social media traffic for the business.

Now it’s your turn

At the same time as our expert panel of top B2B marketers, creative and strategists are judging the shortlist, we want you to take the lead in judging our People’s Choice Award.

On the LinkedIn Marketing Awards website, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for the work that you think most embodies the best in B2B marketing. Make your voice heard – and help us celebrate the best in B2B marketing on LinkedIn. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be the entry with the most votes. Voting closes on the 16th November.

We will be announcing the winners of all of our LinkedIn Marketing Awards, including our People’s Choice Award, on or around the 5th December. Congratulations once again to every one of our shortlisted entries.