How to win with the LinkedIn Marketing Awards

It takes just a few minutes to get started with your entry – and start getting recognition for the work you do

October 30, 2019

How to win with the LinkedIn Marketing Awards

Shouldn’t more people know about the great work that you did in the last year? Shouldn’t you get more credit for the campaigns that you ran, the creative ideas that you had and the results you delivered?

Don’t be an unsung B2B marketing hero. If you’re proud of the work you’ve done on LinkedIn in the last 12 months, then now is your chance to do something about it.

The LinkedIn Marketing Awards are here to celebrate stories like yours – and our expert panel of judges are waiting to hear from you. It’s never been easier to put your work forward – and to give you a bit more time to prepare we have extended the deadline for entries to 11.59pm on November 22.

The good news is that writing a compelling LinkedIn Marketing Awards entry doesn’t have to take up much time at all. You already have all of the information that you need. The only thing that’s missing is for you to register on our Awards site and complete a simple entry form.

It’s not just the winners who win

We can’t promise that you’ll win – but we can promise that our judges will consider your campaign carefully, and we’ll do everything we can to promote the value of the work you do.

We’re planning our biggest ever promotional campaign to celebrate this year’s Awards. Besides the winners of our nine categories, we’ll be showcasing the great work done by the three shortlisted entries in each category – and a range of other deserving entries as well. Taking a few minutes to enter could see your work being celebrated across our paid and owned media channels, including video stories on LinkedIn, features in our print magazine The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly and call-outs from our expert judges. All our winners get a spectacular LinkedIn Marketing Awards trophy as well.

It’s a lot easier than you might think to put your work forward. Here’s what you need to do – in five easy steps:

Step 1: Pick the work you’re proud of

Pick a campaign or campaigns that you’re proud of, and which you have a set of results for. You can enter as many campaigns as you like for the Awards.

Step 2: Register on our Awards site

This takes just a few minutes. Visit our Awards entry platform, enter your information and choose a password to set up your account. If you entered work last year, you can login with the same details this year.

Step 3: Fill in your entry form

If you’ve launched a campaign and generated some results then you have everything you need to complete the entry form. To get started just scroll down and click ‘Start Entry’ after completing your registration. There are six straightforward sections on the form and the maximum you’ll need to write is 1,100 words. Many winning entries are much shorter than that.

Step 4: Upload two or more creative examples

We need to see some examples of the creative that you used in your campaign. This could take the form of display ads, video, content posts, InMails, or any screenshots that show your idea in action. You can attach creative examples in all major formats or simply include a link to your campaign or video if that’s easier.

Step 5: Pick the categories that are relevant

There are nine categories in total and once you’ve completed your entry form, you’ll be able to submit your campaign for up to six of them. There’s no extra work involved in entering multiple categories. Here are the ones you can choose from:

·      Best B2B Brand Campaign

·      Best B2B Brand Campaign SMB (for businesses with fewer than 200 employees)

·      Best B2B Lead Generation

·      Best B2B Lead Generation SMB (for businesses with fewer than 200 employees)

·      Best B2B Video

·      Best B2B Thought Leadership Content

·      Best High Value Consumer Campaign

·      Best ‘In It Together’ B2B Marketing Team

·      People’s Choice (this Award is chosen from the shortlisted campaigns across all categories, through a public vote)

Get started today

As with so many things in life, the first step in entering your work for the LinkedIn Marketing Awards is the most important one. And it will only take a few minutes of your time. Visit our Awards entry platform now, enter your details and the name of your campaign, and you can then complete the rest of your entry at a time that suits you. We’ll help prompt you through the entry process with hints, tips and inspiration from previous winners.

Start your entry today