5 must-read marketing books for 2016

Ideas worth making time for this year

January 8, 2016

Finding time for reading is never easy – but there are some books that never fail to make that time worthwhile. Here are five that I think should be on any marketer’s bedside or boardroom table this year. They won’t just give you new ideas, they’ll help you to think differently about the job you do – and the potential that it offers. They address some of the most pressing issues for marketers, provide genuinely compelling answers, and will leave you with insights that can make a real difference. I certainly don’t regret a minute of the time I’ve spent with them.

Enjoy the read!


Content Inc.

By Joe Pulizzi

How entrepreneurs use content to build massive audiences and create radically different businesses

Content Inc. isn’t just another content marketing how-to guide. Instead it’s a guide to using content to build an entirely new business model. Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute presents a six-point plan for using content to build an audience – and then developing products and solutions to fit that audience. It’s a radical inversion of traditional thinking that any marketer should read.


The experience when business meets design

By Brian Solis

Once upon a time businesses created and sold products. Today, they must  design and build experiences – and there’s no better guide to that journey than Brian Solis. In a book that is itself a beautifully designed experience, the bestselling author shares learnings from the world of Hollywood, game theory, UX design and engineering for a definitive guide to giving your brand the X factor. 



By Bernadette Jiwa

The story of ideas that fly

Heartfelt, emotive and genuinely empowering, Meaningful is a timely challenge to the standard theories of innovation. Rather than attempting to come up with great, new or original ideas, the real key to success in an age of disruption is focusing on helping others to live their dreams. This is a book that resonates on both a human and a strategic level. Seth Godin described it as: “The most important book for your boss to read this year.”


Driving Demand

By Carlos Hidalgo

Transforming B2B marketing to meet the needs of the modern buyer

In recent years the world of B2B marketing has gone through a seismic transformation and with just 34% of UK based marketers thinking what they are doing is effective, there is clearly a huge knowledge gap in today’s B2B marketing departments. Carlos Hidalgo’s book is a step-by-step guide to adopting a new, buyer-centric demand generation model. Packed full of practical advice and case studies, it’s a must for every B2B marketer.



By Bryan Kramer

How sharing is powering the human economy

In today’s digital economy, being shareable is the characteristic that most often distinguishes winning brands from the rest. It’s the key to both successful marketing and successful business models, and there are few more respected authorities on what makes sharing happen than Bryan Kramer. In this follow-up to Human to Human, he looks at the history of sharing in human relationships – and how it is redefining business and marketing today.