Seven out of Seven

7 days in marketing – our weekly roundup of the best info, inspiration and ideas

October 3, 2015

A week is a long time in marketing. Here’s the most important news and new thinking from the past seven days, including the best interviews from Advertising Week, via the LinkedIn Slideshare channel, an innovative crowd-sourced campaign to promote the UN’s Sustainability Goals, how one student managed to buy Google for $12, advice for navigating the new IT buying process, advice on targeting Millennials, plus insightful lessons from a 100-year-old book on advertising.

Enjoy exploring.

1. Making the UN Global Goals famous through social

The ‘We the People’ campaign marked the UN’s Sustainable Development Summit with an innovative crowd-sourced film that injects meaning into the organisation’s sustainability goals.

Watch the film

2. Plug into the latest thinking from Advertising Week

Live from New York: it’s marketing’s movers and shakers sharing the latest thinking from Ad Week on LinkedIn’s dedicated Slideshare channel.

Watch the latest interviews

3. How to navigate the new buying process in IT

The IT buying process has changed, with more influencers from more departments helping to decide who makes the cut. New research from LinkedIn reveals how to steer a smarter course towards new business.

Check out the key findings

4. The platform aiming to boost M-Commerce

LinkedIn’s New Economy Editor Caroline Fairchild lifted the lid on a new app marketplace that aims to accelerate mobile’s share of consumer spending.

Read Caroline’s Pulse post­­

5. Millennial myths revealed

In this incisive Pulse post, Carat’s Doug Ray argues that most strategies built on targeting Millennials miss over half of them. Brands need to start thinking beyond simple demographics when aiming to engage this generation.

Read Doug’s post

6. How I bought for $12

Sanmay Ved revealed how he managed to buy the domain for a mere $12, and prove that any business, no matter how big, needs to keep tabs on its domain ownership.

Read Sanmay’s story

7. Five unlikely lessons from a 100-year-old book on advertising

Creative director Andy Badalamenti shared the latest must-read book on marketing: a forgotten guide, written against the backdrop of the first world war, that has valuable points to make about connecting with audiences today.

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