Catch up on a dramatic week in marketing

7 days in marketing – our weekly roundup of the best info, inspiration and ideas

September 26, 2015

It’s been a big seven days for marketing: the devastation of one of the world’s most established and best-loved brands, intense debate on the future of digital advertising following Apple’s ad blocking moves, a passionate and pioneering statement on corporate ethics and responsibility from Unilever’s CEO. And in between all of that, a steady stream of insight, inspiration and innovative uses of data. Here’s our weekly roundup of the great marketing content you might have missed – and the big stories you almost certainly didn’t.

1. Can VW survive the emissions scandal?

Following a huge emissions scandal, marketing analysts are seriously debating whether the VW brand has any future at all. Here’s Pulse contributor Marianne Griebler’s view on how the brand was already losing touch with its core values, before the scandal hit.

Has VW smashed its brand promise beyond repair?

2. The IAB takes a stand on ad blocking

After Apple cleared the way for ad blocking on iPhones, the debate around the technology has been heating up. Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Randall Rothenburg argued that higher advertising standards are critical to the industry’s future. And Pulse contributor Jack Ivers gave his take on ad blocking apps that brands can pay to circumvent.

Read Randall’s piece in Advertising Age

Check out Jack’s Pulse post

3. Unilever’s CEO on driving change that matters

The first LinkedIn Pulse post from Unilever’s CEO Paul Polman proved a hugely inspiring and influential one. And it’s kick-started a timely debate on the role of brands in tackling global challenges.

Read the post and join the discussion

4. How to present like a TED speaker

Why are TED talks so powerful? As this entry on the Slideshare blog explains, it’s because they stay true to core principles around audience engagement, and strict focus on original ideas.

Learn the secrets of the best TED speakers

5. Sequenced ads to reach TV screens

UK broadcaster Channel 4 is bringing the principles of sequenced advertising to the TV screen, announcing O2 and Vauxhall as launch partners for its new ‘Ad Journey’ product.

Find out more on the launch

6. The Marketing Skills Handbook

Created by LinkedIn and HubSpot and launched this week, The Marketing Skills Handbook is the definitive guide to the most in-demand skills in marketing – and where they could take you.

Download the handbook

7. Netflix identifies the moment when audiences fall for a show

New analysis from the video streaming service Netflix has identified the precise moment when a TV series reaches the tipping point, hooks in audiences, and guarantees viewer numbers to the end of its run. It’s an ambitious piece of data interrogation that is already informing creative development for Netflix’s own shows.

What Netflix knows about your TV addictions