Seven out of Seven

7 days in marketing – our weekly roundup of the best info, inspiration and ideas.

September 4, 2015

A week is a long time in marketing. Here’s your essential guide to the most important developments, the best new thinking and the most powerful new tools from the past seven days. In this week’s roundup we’ve got the new, enhanced LinkedIn Slideshare with the hugely versatile new clipping tool, and an exploration of how music makes marketing sing. You’ll also find the latest on the big Google rebrand, how 21st Century enterprises are rebooting brand-customer relationships, Jeremy Corbyn and personal branding, Björn Borg’s pants and the importance of cooperation in productivity.

Enjoy exploring.

1. What the new LinkedIn SlideShare means for marketers

This week saw SlideShare become ‘LinkedIn SlideShare’, reflecting deeper integration between the world’s largest professional network and one of its leading professional content communities. The rebrand means new functionality for marketers, including a clipping tool that lets you save slides from different presentations to view or share later.

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2. From Nick Drake to The Jacksons - how music moves marketing

The music chosen for an ad can make or break its ability to connect and sell. Doug Zanger ran through some pitch-perfect examples of song and brand pairings.

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3. What does a 21st century enterprise look like?

The short answer is: nothing like the 20th century one. Anant Gupta, LinkedIn Influencer and president/CEO of HCL technologies, explained the cultural reboot that is redefining brand-customer relationships, and the huge implications across the business landscape.

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4. Google rebranded for the first time since 1999

Campaign’s Shona Ghosh reported on Google’s newly unveiled logo, designed to be responsive to today’s constellation of platforms – and to be more in-line with parent company, Alphabet.

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5. How Björn Borg’s underwear brand is ace-ing innovative marketing

Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee, extolled the virtues of the ex-tennis virtuoso’s underwear brand, giving a useful insight into the importance of creativity and courageousness in campaigns.

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6. What Jeremy Corbyn’s unlikely rise tells us about personal branding

The Drum’s Chris Moody reflected on the ‘Ray Mears of Labour's political wilderness’ and what Jeremy Corbyn’s meteoric rise says about challenging convention and railing against bland.

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7. Cooperation: the new frontier of productivity

Is an overload of rules, processes and metrics keeping people from producing their best work together? In a TED talk on the value of cooperation, Yves Morieux revealed how the whole is always worth more than the sum of its parts.

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