What’s in your bag, Keith Richey?

How does a well-travelled B2B marketer stay in the groove? We commandeered the bag of LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Global Marketing to find out

July 12, 2019

What’s in your bag, Keith Richey?

Keith Richey is a passionate B2B storyteller, who grew up in a library and today tells the story of how LinkedIn’s marketing and sales solutions transform businesses – and lives. His role as Senior Director of Global Marketing at LinkedIn involves leading and inspiring teams across North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific, setting strategy, delivering results, and helping to build relationships between brands and the world’s professionals. So how does a creative-minded B2B marketer keep his thinking fresh and his energy levels up when moving across time zones? We took a look inside Keith’s well-travelled luggage to find out:

My MacBook laptop:
“Pretty self-explanatory. Note the on-brand Sophisticated Marketer sticker!”

Water bottle:
“Gotta stay hydrated when traveling. My family would be proud!”

“Music is one of my biggest passions, so I almost always have a pair of these on.”

Granola bar:
“For refueling on long flights.”

“I’m traveling in Ireland and England at the moment, so this pairs nicely with the weather.”

“Like I said, I’m traveling in Ireland and England, but you never know!”

New Yorker magazines:
“Always edifying, cover to cover. Make for great plane reading.”

My ID badge:
“My favorite feature is that it works in any LinkedIn office globally. Sounds simple but it matters!”

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