Make sure you’re following these 7 marketing influencers on Slideshare

February 2, 2016

Staying on top of the latest marketing thinking can be tricky, which is why it’s such an advantage to be able to follow your favourite Slideshare authors – and be alerted whenever they publish something new. To make it easier, we’ve picked out some of the most deservedly influential people sharing their ideas on Slideshare at the moment. Their decks are timely, insightful, and likely to help shape the conversation around challenges and opportunities in the year ahead. Follow them, and you won’t miss out on the latest fresh thinking. 

Mathew Sweezey

In The Future of Marketing 2016 and The X Factor (a challenging look at what it takes to deliver competitive content marketing), Sweezey has produced two of the most influential marketing Slideshares of the year so far. The good news is that there’s a lot more where they came from. As head of Marketing Insights for Salesforce, Mathew produces insightful new material on a monthly basis.

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Jay Baer

A renowned public speaker with more than 3,000 followers on Slideshare, Baer specialises in content marketing strategy and customer engagement, and he delivers a steady stream of killer ideas on both. His latest presentation, Listen, talks to the importance of engaging (and listening to) a range of different audiences on social. Check out his Slideshare page and you’ll also find great ideas on choosing the right photography, creating podcasts and more.

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Michael Brenner

Head strategist at content marketing platform NewsCred, and formerly the VP of Marketing at SAP, Brenner translates all of that experience into regular Slideshares on the evolving role of content in the marketing mix. Already this year he’s generated more than 30,000 views on his Slideshare analysing the best examples of brand content hubs.

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Brian Solis

When one of the most respected digital marketing analysts out there publishes a Slideshare, it tends to carry a lot of influence. Close to 800,000 people have viewed Solis’s presentation on 26 Disruptive and Technology trends in the last month. 

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Ann Handley

As you might expect from the best-selling author of Everybody Writes, Ann Handley’s Slideshares are an engaging mix of content strategy and personal empowerment. They are also hugely accessible, since she has the habit of sharing a couple of slides whenever a compelling thought strikes. Her Formula for Innovative Content is a great example.

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Kyle Lacy

A regular speaker on inbound marketing, Lacy offers up an eclectic mix of Slideshares on everything from predicting shifting consumer behaviour to the state of B2B content marketing, the importance of moments to marketing strategy, and better sales prospecting.

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Joe Pulizzi

Founder of the Content Marketing Institute and author of Content Inc. and Epic Content Marketing, Pulizzi is also a hugely prolific and influential Slideshare creator. His individual slides are regularly clipped (the sign of somebody who knows how to make a point succinctly) and he’s already racked up more than 88,000 views on his presentations this year. Check out Content First for a great introduction to the ideas in his latest book.

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