Tech marketers –your one-sheet action plans for B2B video are here

Expert top tips for overcoming the barriers and unlocking the power of video for tech brands

September 18, 2019

Tech marketers –your one-sheet action plans for B2B video are here

B2B tech buying ain’t what it used to be – and that means that B2B tech marketing can’t afford to stay the same either. Where we once had a single IT decision-maker to target with case studies, white papers and spec sheets, we now have a chaotic world of influencers and buyers shaping tech purchases at different times and in different ways. We need to engage and inspire across roles, functions, levels of seniority and levels of expertise: frustrated employees, influential super-users, not to mention procurement, legal, finance and the C-suite.

The good news is: there’s a B2B marketing channel that’s ideally suited to engaging these diverse audiences at the different points in the buying journey when they’re involved. It can entertain and inspire, communicate product detail in compelling ways, humanise your tech brand and reassure about the experience of working with your business.

That format is B2B video. It’s delivering big returns for leading tech brands. It’s being deployed throughout the funnel to both inspire at scale and reassure through personalised, relevant content. And if you haven’t yet explored how to use it for your business, then there’s never been a better time to start.

We’ve studied the most successful B2B tech video content out there, analysed the common points of the strategies behind them, and spoken to the brands leading the way. We’ve summarised the key findings in three action-oriented briefings that give you key insights to get video moving.

Click on the links below for our top tips on overcoming barriers and myths, planning content for each stage of the funnel, and translating your product and proposition into compelling films:

The myths fooling tech marketers on video
No, your product isn’t too complicated. No, there isn’t too much video for you to cut through. No, you don’t need a Hollywood-style production budget to make it work. If you’ve found yourself struggling to make the case for video in your marketing mix, them read our one-sheet guide to busting tech video myths. It will help to overcome the barriers – and lay the foundations for a strategy that works for you.

How to deploy video at the three key points in the tech buying journey
B2B tech video is great for telling stories and engaging at scale – but that’s just the start of the story. This summary explains how to plan video for the three key stages of the funnel: awareness, consideration and decision.

Top tips for creating compelling B2B tech videos
Leading proponents of B2B tech video share the insights that have helped shape their strategies: from thinking beyond one hero video, to applying audience-first thinking, finding the right branding balance, and prioritising quality distribution over quantity.

Want more insight on building video into a tech marketing strategy? You’ll find it in our full eBook, The Tech Marketer’s Guide to B2B Video.