Agencies: here’s how to set clients up for success on LinkedIn

Your guide to setting up accounts, running campaigns and maximising ROI

February 14, 2020

Agencies: here’s how to set clients up for success on LinkedIn

The best agencies don’t just choose where their clients’ campaigns run. As growth partners, they use expert knowledge of different platforms to give those campaigns every possible advantage. That involves deep audience understanding and smart strategy – and it also involves an intimate knowledge of how the platform works.

We’ve created The Agency Onboarding Guide to help your agency play that role on the most trusted digital platform of all: LinkedIn. It’s got every bit of practical detail that you need to set up and run your clients’ campaigns – and expert insight on how to integrate LinkedIn data for measuring results, optimising your approach and proving value. In short, it’s got everything you need to plug your clients into the most ROI-friendly platform out there. It will help you help them.

Platform choices: the value of LinkedIn for your client campaigns

In the Onboarding Guide, you’ll find a handy summary of the value that LinkedIn has to offer through the ability to reach the world’s professionals, all in one place. From audience size (more than 660 million members with two added every second), to the power of content on the platform, to the unique mindset occupied by LinkedIn members and how this relates to your campaign objectives. We’ve included the latest data from Business Insider’s Digital Trust Report, which confirms that LinkedIn is the most trusted of all social media platforms, and is ranked number one or two on every pillar of trust.

Setting up client campaigns on LinkedIn: a how-to guide

The Onboarding Guide will take you through setting up client campaigns on LinkedIn step-by-step, with all of the practical tips that you need to get started:

  • How to set up a new advertising account for a client
  • The permissions you need to connect campaigns to your client’s LinkedIn page
  • Tips for managing advertising account access among your agency employees
  • How to set up a message ad campaign so that it comes from named senders at your client company
  • Unlocking conversion tracking, remarketing and demographic insights with the LinkedIn Insight Tag
  • Choosing the right billing options
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Matching marketing solutions to your clients’ objectives

You’ll find buying options and targeting capabilities for every LinkedIn advertising solution, including Sponsored Content, Message Ads and Dynamic and Text Ads. We’ve included details of how you can integrate LinkedIn measurement with third-party tracking. And there’s a run-through of how to use LinkedIn’s Objective-Based Advertising interface to forecast results against your priority KPIs.

Your guide to measuring campaign performance and proving ROI

Equip yourself and your clients with the full range of LinkedIn tools for analysing campaign performance, tracking conversions and optimising your approach. In the Onboarding Guide you’ll find ideas and instructions for:

·      Matching metrics with objectives from the top of the funnel to the bottom

·      Tracking impressions, leads and conversions

·      Using demographic insights to optimise your targeting, and reach new audiences through Audience Expansion

·      Optimising for performance on your most relevant metrics, including through automated bidding

·      Building an A/B testing strategy to fine-tune creative for maximum performance

Uncover more opportunity with our specialist resources

We’ve handpicked the best resources for agencies looking to help their clients drive growth on LinkedIn with links to webinars, playbooks and our success hub with relevant guides and case studies. You’ll also find specialist guides to added-value areas like setting up employee advocacy programmes for your clients, building the profile of executives as thought-leaders, and advising on content marketing strategy.

Download your copy of The Agency Onboarding Guide and set your clients up for success on LinkedIn.