Live from Cannes Lions: Scott Donaton on the future of content marketing

June 27, 2016

What’s the future of content marketing? How can our industry best deal with ad blocking? Who’s getting Virtual Reality right? And is the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity better or worse than it was two decades ago?

There are few people on earth better qualified to answer these questions that Scott Donaton. The Chief Content Officer at Digitas prophesied the rise of branded content and storytelling more than a decade ago, in his book Madison & Vine, which predicted how the entertainment and advertising industries must converge to survive. He’s been the editor and publisher of Ad Age, the publisher of Entertainment Weekly, and as a content consultant he counts brands from American Express and Accenture through to Taco Bell amongst his clients. He also tells me that he’s been to Cannes for each of the past 21 years.

Scott was my guest for the last of our Sophisticated Marketer’s podcasts from this year’s Cannes Lions – and a perfect expert to have on hand to help sum up the key themes of the festival, and what they mean for marketing going forward.

You can listen in on our 30-minute interview on the link below and hear Scott’s unique take on ad blocking (claiming that ad blocking will destroy journalism is precisely the wrong strategy), industries embracing digital disruption (he thinks Hollywood is the last big hold-out), VR and 360 video (Ridley Scott’s VR Martian trailer is the best thing so far) and learning the lessons of other content creators (from singer-songwriters to Morgan Spurlock). You’ll also never hear a better potted history of how the international festival of creativity evolved to become what it is today.

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