Our pocket handbook for the modern CMO

The CMO Guide to LinkedIn is designed for a new generation of active and influential marketing leaders

June 27, 2017


Marketing’s contribution to business success is better understood today than ever. That understanding means more influence and responsibility for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) – but also greater pressure and greater scrutiny at a time when their budgets are increasingly constrained. Adapting to new media platforms, integrating more effectively with sales, HR and IT, making measurable contributions across more of the buyer journey and delivering the metrics that matter to the boardroom: CMOs must increasingly do more with less.

One result seems to be an increasing turnover rate amongst CMOs. Research in the US last year found more of them leaving their roles than ever before – and many have interpreted this as a result of colleagues demanding more accountability from marketing, without necessarily providing it with the resources it needs.

A new generation of CMOs though, are responding to the pressure by reinventing what it means to be a marketing leader. These CMOs embody the principles of the hybrid marketer. They are passionately interested in digital technology, and the potential of data; hungry to learn the skills they need to make an active contribution to all of the business areas that marketing can now influence. Just as importantly, they recognise their own growing value as a marketing asset. And they recognise LinkedIn as the platform where these different aspects of their role come together.

The CMO Guide to LinkedIn is our new guide designed specifically for this generation of active and influential CMOs. It’s concise, to-the-point and instantly actionable. As a CMO, it will show you how to pull all of the levers available on LinkedIn to help build value for your business:

·      Building your personal brand into a major business asset

·      Reaching out to other influencers to amplify your messages

·      Leveraging LinkedIn’s potential for native advertising and video content

·      Unlocking Account Based Marketing (ABM) at scale

·      Linking marketing activity to sales and prove ROI

CMOs have more opportunity than ever to use their personal influence in the interests of their business. They don’t just construct marketing strategies from behind a corner-office door; they are often the most visible and most effective advocates for their brands on social media. They are able to get directly involved in building a coherent brand narrative that supports marketing, sales and talent objectives. From John Rudaizky at EY to Beth Comstock at GE and Keith Weed at Unilever, there’s more emphasis than ever on CMOs leading from the front. The CMO Guide to LinkedIn is your pocket handbook for making the most of the most valuable platform for marketing leaders today.