Content marketing strategy in the land of storytelling

Our Infographic of the Week: The Truth about Content Marketing in Ireland

November 9, 2016

Content Marketing Ireland

Ireland has a reputation as a land of storytellers – so it’s perhaps not surprising that more than one out of every five euros spent on marketing in the country goes towards content. Our Infographic of the Week, The Truth about Content Marketing in Ireland, uses new research from 256 Media and The Marketing Institute to reveal the state of content strategy in the country. It throws up some interesting insights about how Irish marketers see the role of content – and how they measure its effectiveness.

Irish marketers take the need for a content marketing strategy seriously, with 79% rating their strategy as important or extremely important and 48% having documented it (10% more than in the Australia, the UK and US). Significantly, those with a documented strategy rate their content effectiveness considerably higher than Irish marketers’ average score of three out of five. And that suggests there’s room for growth in content effectiveness as more businesses clarify their approach to content and distribution, what it will achieve, and how they will measure it.

Social media is Ireland’s preferred platform for distributing content – and 44% of all Irish marketers judge LinkedIn to be extremely effective, ranking it the second most trusted platform for Ireland’s content strategies. 

Significantly, Irish marketers’ choice of metrics is different to several other leading content markets. Whereas their peers in the UK, Australia and US all place sales or conversion rates in their top three metrics, Irish marketers emphasise SEO ranking and social media sharing alongside web traffic and time spent on their site. It suggests that they expect content to build awareness and establish an audience, as well as help to move prospects through the sales funnel. When it comes to the ultimate objectives for content, customer engagement, lead generation and brand awareness are the most likely to feature on Irish marketers’ agenda.

As Irish marketers keep growing their investment in content (56% plan to increase their spend in the next 12 months) the need for a clear strategy and objectives will only increase. So will the importance of channels that can deliver measurable results against all of their strategic objectives – improving search rankings through relevant and engaging content that answers prospects’ specific questions. The Sophisticated Marketers Guide to Content Marketing is designed to help build strategies that can leverage LinkedIn to deliver meaningful and measurable engagement throughout the funnel – it’s a great starting point for any marketer looking to develop their storytelling strategy.