Start Rocking the Content Marketing World

Your rock n’ roll guide to content marketing superstardom

November 23, 2016

Content Marketer's Guide

From busking your ideas to playing to the big crowds: it feels like a long way to the top when you want to rock and roll. It’s quite a long way when you’re a content marketer as well. That's why we’ve produced a content marketing guide with a difference – is packed with ideas, tips and musical inspiration for every stage of your content marketing journey.

Any great musician must earn their dues and learn their craft if they want to become an influential artist – and we believe that the same principles apply to making a career in content. If you can fuse your enthusiasm and energy with a savvy strategy to keep evolving and learning, then you too can be a content marketing superstar.

For our eBook, Content Marketing’s Road to the Top, we analysed the four stages in any content marketer’s development, and laid out the gameplan that can help you reach the next level. We’ve got inspiration and ideas for Young Guns operating under the radar, Emerging Artists defining their signature style, and Collaborators and Crackerjacks finding ways to stay on the creative edge while setting the industry agenda.

So – how much can a content marketer learn from Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Black Sabbath and The Clash? Scroll down to see for yourself in our first chapter preview from Content Marketing’s Road to the Top. If you like what you’re hearing, download the full eBook guide for free.