5 Things HubSpot Learned after a Year with LinkedIn Ads [SlideShare]

February 28, 2017

LinkedIn Sponsored Content on the HubSpot Platform

“When we first integrated LinkedIn ads into HubSpot, we weren’t sure what to expect,” admitted HubSpot’s Marcus Andrews in a post explaining what HubSpot learned after a year with LinkedIn advertising.

Here at LinkedIn, we had a pretty good idea of what to expect. Still, even with our abundance of proof that B2B marketing on LinkedIn works, we were excited to see how the savvy users of a globally popular marketing platform used LinkedIn advertising to accomplish objectives.  

The best part about HubSpot customers using LinkedIn advertising at scale is that everyone can benefit from the data generated and lessons learned. A big shout out to HubSpot’s Products Marketing Manager for Ads, Social, and HubSpot Connect, Marcus Andrews, for compiling and chronicling the LinkedIn advertising lessons that served as the inspiration for the SlideShare below. Here are a few of the highlights:

HubSpot Customers Average a 9% Conversion Rate Using LinkedIn Sponsored Content

To provide a little context here, the average conversion rate for B2B advertisers on Google search is 2.58%. It’s okay to think beyond brand awareness when creating goals for your Sponsored Content campaigns.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Click-Through-Rate

High click-through-rates are the first sign that LinkedIn members like your content, and can contribute to a lower cost-per-lead. HubSpot noticed that those who excelled with the targeting and creative aspects of their Sponsored Content campaigns typically saw much higher click-through-rates.

Take Advantage of Testing

Or as HubSpot more bluntly puts it, “If you’re not testing you’re losing money.” When HubSpot looked at customers who drove the most conversions with LinkedIn ads, they all had multiple ads inside each campaign.

For Best Results, Combine LinkedIn Ads with Inbound

Like most marketing tactics, LinkedIn Sponsored Content works better as part of a holistic strategy. This includes an active LinkedIn Company Page. Most B2B buyers need more than one interaction before they buy and LinkedIn is a great place to learn more about your company’s people, products, and services.

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