Master the content marketing mix, Tom Cruise-style

Our stylishly served Infographic of the week is the perfect cocktail-based guide to content marketing tactics

July 12, 2017

Master the content marketing mix, Tom Cruise-style

Any way of thinking about content marketing strategy that summons memories of Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail has got to be a good thing. Come to think of it, a summary of content tactics that reminds you of sipping margaritas by the pool on your last holiday can’t be too bad either. For these reasons alone, I can’t help but be a fan of The Mixology of Content Marketing, an Infographic from the agency JBH that’s as easy to digest as a perfectly prepared Tom Collins, just as fun, and (I like to think), just as good for you.

It’s such a great concept because cocktails and content marketing are made for each other. Both involve equal amounts of art and science, both have tried and tested formulas for success, and both depend on knowing what you’re serving – and getting the proportions and quantities right. The Mixology of Content Marketing carries this idea through with a style the most cutting-edge speak-easy would be proud of. It’s laced with compelling, relevant insights from The Content Marketing Institute, Hubspot and others – and it’s a great reminder of just how many ingredients you have to choose from as a content marketer today. Finally, it’s flavoured with tasty (and very current) examples of brands doing it right.

Finding the right formula for content marketing is complicated of course. It depends on both your audience and your objectives. Part of the art and science for a content mixing cocktail artist is knowing who will respond to which item on your drinks menu. We’ll soon be announcing new research from LinkedIn and Buzzsumo that adds up to the most in-depth resource yet for matching content formats and tactics to different B2B marketing audiences and objectives. Watch this space over the next few weeks for more details.